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Veronica Dolginko is a New York native living in San Francisco. She is a freelance journalist and former host the Best of the Bay Award winning radio show Cannabis Cuts: The Next Generation on FCC Free Radio, every Monday 6-8. Her book, No Man's Land, is available under the name Vern Dolginko on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com but she's not thrilled with it and a better novel, The Pine Barrens, is coming out soon. What's it about, you ask? You did ask, right? Well, check it out at here: http://fwfife.com/2014/02/07/upcoming-publication-of-the-pine-barrens-by-veronica-dolginko/. If you're ravenous for her writing and don't want to wait, her short stories can be found on The Epiphanist and as a feature in Sharelle Unique Publishing Magazine.

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