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Toni DePass was born and raised in Miami and she currently resides in the panhandle of beautiful Florida. She attended the Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, specializing in Double Bass. Toni is a professional musician, and maintains an active teaching and performing schedule. She holds contracts with two symphony orchestras and is active in the local music scene, being featured on albums with several different bands. Toni also teaches guitar and string instruments to all ages, something she enjoys immensely. In addition to music and teaching, Toni has a love for cooking and all things food and drink, as she takes pleasure in trying any and all new beers, wines, and cocktails whenever the opportunity presents itself. Often using locally-grown and organic ingredients to create intricate recipes, she is an avid supporter of shopping local, and strongly believes that building a stronger local economy starts with supporting local businesses.Follow her on twitter! @stonistones

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