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Mickey Martin is the founder of Compassion Medicinal Edibles and Tainted Inc. He is also the Author of Medical Marijuana 101 and has dedicated his life to cannabis freedom for over a decade. His work in providing food-based medicines for many years revolutionized the industry in the areas of quality assurance, packaging, and labeling of cannabis products. His infamous designs made the term "tainted" a household name amongst medical cannabis patients and edible connoisseurs. The evolution of Tainted to Compassion Medicinal Edibles epitomized everything that is right about the medical cannabis movement. As the legal and social concerns have morphed over time, so did this company of compassionate providers of the industry's safest and most delicious type of cannabis medicines.Mickey Martin graduated with honors from St. Mary's College of California in Business and has spent over ten years developing cannabis-based businesses in the community. His call for self-regulation and responsibility in the cannabis industry has led to several victories for medical cannabis organizations across the country. He has researched extensively many aspects of the cannabis industry, including nomenclature, history, safety, quality control, and cannabis production environments and methods. Mickey Martin does freelance writing for several well-known cannabis publications and maintains a cannablog at www.cannabiswarrior.com, which chronicles his experiences in dealing with major issues facing the cannabis movement. Mickey works with select clients in the cannabis industry who share similar goals and objectives to achieve cannabis freedom.

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