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Jeremy Daw, J.D., grew up in Texas, where he studied English literature at the University of Texas at Tyler. In 2002, he enrolled at New York University's Graduate School of Arts and Science, where he studied literary criticism and postmodern philosophy. In 2008 he earned a juris doctor degree from Harvard Law School. While in graduate school, Mr. Daw began to experience severe nausea and other abdominal symptoms which resulted in the loss of his appetite and a slow, steady decline in body weight. After three separate gastrointestinal specialists failed to provide any relief, a friend recommended that the author try marijuana. The improvement was immediate, and a cannabis advocate was born. After becoming disillusioned with work within the criminal justice system, Mr. Daw turned to writing. Weed the People, his debut book-length title, places the current debates over cannabis in a much-needed historical context, making the case that medical marijuana is anything but new, and that the many uses of cannabis sativa have been criminally denied an industrious culture. He now lives in Berkeley, California.

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