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Kalyani (aka Leslie) has been an Astrologer since 1996, when she began formally studying the stars with Jackie Slevin (Co-Director of Education for the National Council for Geocosmic Research). She is also a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and was given the name "Kalyani"--another name for the Goddesses Lalita, Durga and Parvati, representing Ananda (Bliss) and Anandam (Pure Consciousness)--upon receiving her 200 hour certification. Kalyani uses the stars as a guide when creating her yoga classes and she believes that music, yoga and astrology are all energies we can use to help heal ourselves. She considers herself to be a humble messenger who just happens to speak fluent astrologese. If you would like to schedule an astrology reading or find out when her yoga classes are, please go to her website at

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