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Carl J. Romanelli is the father of two sons, Mario and Jordan and one granddaughter, Lillliana Willow. Romanelli is a retired officer of the Luzerne County (PA) Family Court. He serves the Green Party on the local level and international level. He is a member of the US Green Party International Committee and member of the US Greens Media Committee International as well as the 2009-2012 representative from the US to the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas. In 2009 Romanelli was the sole North American representative at an international summit in Bogota, Colombia. The goal of the summit was to end the civil war there and to free hostages. Romanelli was featured in a 2007 documentary covering his adventures running for US Senate in 2006, "Ain't Easy Being Green" filmed and edited by Stephen Robert Morse and Matthew Langhirt.

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