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Currently the Founder and Executive Director with NORML of Waco Inc., a father of 7 and Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, District 56, Clifford “Clif” Deuvall is a decorated, disabled Vietnam War veteran, a former educator and educational administrator, and multi-generational Texan. Clif is a graduate of Baylor University. He was Waco ISD Teacher of the Year, 2001-2002 while at A.J. Moore Academy; 2002 Waco Foundation “Outstanding Educator” award winner; and received an award as “Teacher of the Year, 2001-2002, A.J. Moore Academy” from the Texas Senate. He served as Vice-President of Finance on the Board of Directors of the Waco Family Abuse Center. Clif was the HIGH TIMES Freedom “Fighter of the Month, May 2010”, and was featured in TREATING YOURSELF, “The New Revolution” in June 2010. He currently lives in Waco, TX.

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