AARP Brings Medical Cannabis Info to Millions of Boomers

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The secret to quick and effective legal reform typically involves amassing as much community support for those changes as possible. Legalizing cannabis has become a priority for people belonging to the millennial generation in part because they’ve been pushing for it since they came of age much like Gen Xers before them. However, legalization, particularly for medical reasons, also appeals to Baby Boomers and their parents as well.

The activist Robert Platshorn began touring in Florida to reach out to senior citizens and promote medical cannabis after his release from prison, with incredible success. He believed that people who respect seeing someone their own age explain to them how medical cannabis could alleviate the symptoms of various medical conditions associated with aging, and he proved himself right.

Quite a few people have changed their minds about legalization and medical cannabis thanks to learning about how cannabis-based medicines can help with a variety of conditions they have to deal with, including age-related issues. Given that so many senior citizens vote, their preferences and opinions could strongly influence the law.

Now one of the biggest organizations that cater to and appeals to the older demographic, the American Association for Retired People, AARP, which boasts about 38 million members, has officially begun educating its members about medical cannabis. AARP has published a few pieces in recent days about the uses of medical cannabis, and the chances are good they will soon publish more given the broad interest in the topic.

As more seniors learn about the potent benefits of medical cannabis and demand both safe access and reasonable research, lawmakers may have to scramble to catch up to a demographic that usually doesn’t change its position on much. We’re pumped to see cannabis for older adults go mainsteam, and we can’t wait until grandma starts asking for advice on rolling her own over Thanksgiving dinner.

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