You Could Buy Legal Weed in Illinois As Soon as January 1, 2020

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Illinois lawmakers helped the state make history on Friday, May 31st, 2019. The state of Illinois became the first to legalize adult recreational cannabis via legislature when lawmakers finally passed a legalization bill. Although the bill has not taken effect yet, pending the promised signature of Illinois governor, there is no reason to believe at this point that he will go back on his promise to support the law. Once he signs it, the end of cannabis prohibition in Illinois will finally be official!

In other words, as of January 1st, 2020, cannabis will very likely be legal for adult use in Illinois. And there’s a great chance that there will be dispensaries open that same day to serve eager would-be consumers.

That will make Illinois the second Midwest state to embrace cannabis legalization, only a few years after Michigan voters decided that legalization was best for their state. Unlike Michigan, there won’t be a long delay of years before communities have safe and legal access to recreational cannabis through dispensaries.

According to reports out of Chicago, there are already businesses looking to secure recreational dispensary licenses. Under this new law, individual businesses could license up to 10 stores. Companies that already operate medical dispensaries will receive preference during the licensing process. Overall, the state is expecting billions of dollars in annual revenue once it officially becomes the 11th state to have legalized recreational cannabis.

A hearty congratulations to the voters and lawmakers involved in getting this impressive result in the state of Illinois. May other states soon follow suit!

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