Taiwan Just Legalized Same-Sex Marriage

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In a week where the news has been dominated both by the failure of cannabis legislation at a state level as well as the success of restrictive and misogynistic forced birth laws in several states, it can be a breath of fresh air to hear something good has happened. Well, Ladybud readers, we have your Friday dose of sunshine: 

Taiwan just legalized same-sex marriage!

That makes them the first country in Asia to do so and could mean that changes will be coming in other, more restrictive countries in the future. People knew that this would likely soon happen, but it’s still an exciting and historical moment.

Nearly two years ago, the Constitutional Court in Taiwan ruled that defining marriage as between a man and a woman was unconstitutional. Now, lawmakers have finally passed a bill that will make same-sex marriage a legal option as of May 24, 2019. They had two years to do so, and they certainly waited until the last moment.

Of course, voters in Taiwan had a chance to pass a same-sex marriage law in their last election, but the vote was largely against it. The law doesn’t extend all the same rights as heterosexual marriage. It doesn’t provide legal protections for adoption or for marriage with someone who is a citizen of another country.

For those who fight for human rights, this is a major step forward. Many see this as a first step toward similar progress in China. Also, for those who just have a spark of basic human decency in their soul, it is encouraging to hear some good news after a week of upsetting and depressing political events.

Way to go, Taiwan!

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