Happy 4/20 From Ladybud!

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Well, it’s that day again! Every year, on April 20th, cannabis lovers all over celebrate their favorite plant. There are festivals, sessions, and parties galore. Many people will celebrate by waking and baking, making some special edibles, or just hanging out with their friends and enjoying a little cannabis.

Here at Ladybud, we’re always down for a good cannabis celebration. Enjoy yourselves, but remember to be responsible! If you’re over-indulging, get someone else to drive (or use a service). Remember that it is never ethical to give anyone medicated items without their knowledge and consent beforehand.

And remember, for many people, 420 celebrations still risk arrest or legal consequences. There are still thousands of people in jail for cannabis offenses and many states where safe, legal access isn’t an option. Today is certainly a great day to celebrate how far we’ve come, but there’s still a long way to go!

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