Minnesota Study Shows Cannabis Relieves Cancer Treatment Side Effects

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For decades, people dealing with the pains of cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment told others that they experienced significant relief through leaves of cannabis. It is often anecdote about the relief medical cannabis specifically offered cancer patients that begins to change someone’s mind about the potential medical uses of this plant. However, there is still stigma, as well as potential criminal penalties in many states for people who seek to use cannabis to mitigate the impact of cancer treatment.

Now, research from Minnesota corroborates what anyone paying attention could have told you a decade ago colon cannabis benefits cancer patients. The study involved more than 1,000 people enrolled in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program for cancer. Significant numbers of those patients reported decreased/improved symptoms. That means more appetite, less nausea, better sleep, less struggle with depression, and fewer problems with pain or vomiting.

These results are encouraging, as they will likely prompt similar studies in the future. They also help validate medical cannabis programs and remind those who remain opposed to cannabis that there is legitimate medical science backing its use for a variety of conditions.

Tragically, cancer patients across the United States have sporadic access at best. Even those in states with medical and recreational cannabis programs may have difficulty sourcing affordable and high-quality cannabis for use to ameliorate cancer symptoms or the side effects of treatment. When people become too sick to work, they can also become too sick to afford cannabis, which generally isn’t covered under insurance programs however beneficial it may be.

Given how affordable cannabis can be to produce, research like this could pave the way for affordable or insurance-backed access for those diagnosed with cancer. One can only hope that more research and policy changes will be the results of studies like this that confirm the potential benefits of cannabis as medicine.

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