Don’t Believe All These Politicians Saying They Support Legalization

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There is little question at this point that we have passed the cultural tipping point for cannabis legalization. Polls nationwide indicate a majority of Americans support recreational legalization for adults. In fact, some research shows that support level growing close to a supermajority. While we all know that polls can be misleading and biased, there is no doubt that the cultural attitudes about cannabis in our country are way different now than they were even a few years ago when Ladybud launched.

Not very long ago, it was only a few rare politicians who would openly speak about the benefits of legalizing cannabis or the issues caused by prohibition. Now, with such broad public support for legalization among the voting public, lawmakers seem to be coming out of the woodwork in support of legalization measures. Don’t let those assholes fool you. The majority of people already holding office have been complicit in prohibition for years if not decades.

If they have changed their opinion, that is excellent for them as an individual. However, if a politician has previously voted against legalization measures or supported or profited from prohibition in anyway, you shouldn’t vote for them. Career politicians will say anything they think the public wants to hear if they believe it will improve their chances of election. That could include publicly supporting the legalization of a drug whose prohibition they long supported.

It’s awesome to see politicians following the lead of their constituents on cannabis at long last. However, they have waited too long to catch up with public opinion and medical research in most cases. Now that it’s suddenly trendy to support legalization, it looks like we’ll have a field of presidential candidates who all have a similar stance. The same as likely going to be true for most state and federal races in the upcoming elections.

Don’t get tricked by people who do not have the best interests of the community at heart. Looking at a person’s voting record is a critical part in determining who deserves your support and who doesn’t. There will be a lot of people claiming to support legalization who have previously attempted to block it at every turn.

If these politicians have really had heart-felt changes in perspective, then they will surely also back social justice initiatives and efforts to help those struggling as the result of the War on Drugs. Public apologies and acknowledgments of the failure of prohibition policies could also be a step toward redeeming politicians who previously supported prohibition.

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