Meet MAPS, the Organization Funding and Conducting Psychedelic Research

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Now that we have taken the time to highlight most of the banned substances with established and acknowledged mental health benefits, we’d like to spend the next few weeks discussing research and organizations that work with psychedelics.

This week, we will start out by highlighting MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. MAPS is well-known for funding some of the most cutting-edge research about how currently prohibited medications such as MDMA, LSD,  and cannabis can help those with certain medical conditions. Some of the studies back by MAPS include the PTSD veteran studies involving cannabis orchestrated by Dr. Susan Sisley,

Image of the MAPS logo, two hands reaching toward a center across a circular, stylized background in blue.

Image of the MAPS logo

If you have not done so already, we encourage readers to follow MAPS on social media. Their Facebook link is here. You may also want to view their website, where you can sign up for their newsletter and make donations to their ongoing efforts to fund research into medical psychedelic use.

Organizations like MAPS are critical to changing the laws in the United States. Without their lobbying and research, ending the failed War on Drugs would be much more difficult. MAPS helps validate legalization efforts and increases public awareness of the benefits of many prohibited substances.

Efforts to roll back the prohibition of potentially beneficial substances will be stymied at every step by crooked politicians, law enforcement lobbyists, and even the medical establishment unless there is evidence backing up the usefulness of these substances. MAPS is helping to break down stigma and push forward research that could change not only the landscape of mental health treatments in the United States but also the legal and criminal justice systems.


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Photo Credit: All images from the public Facebook page for MAPS. Featured image is of “Crescendo of the Heart” by A Andrew Gonzalez