IDAHO: Children Removed From Mother When She Treats Daughter with Cannabis for Pharmaceutical Related Seizure

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kelsey and kids

Madyson with her brother Ryker and mother Kelsey

Kelsey Osborne’s daughter, Madyson, was being treated for a non-seizure related disorder with the pharmaceutical drug Risperdal (Risperidone) and was taken off of the drug without her mother’s knowledge or consent in early October. Afterward, her daughter began to display seizure-like symptoms, was vomiting, acting in an uncharacteristic manner and was begging for relief. Kelsey prepared a cannabis milkshake for her daughter which ended up relieving the frightening symptoms. However, a pediatrician tested her daughter who yielded a positive result for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and was subsequently reported to authorities.

Last week, Osborne was arraigned in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court. She is being charged with a misdemeanor count of injury to child. The Department of Health and Welfare took her children. They have been placed with her ex-husband and Kelsey has to be supervised while visiting them even though she has been their primary caregiver since they were born.

Kelsey told Ladybud that, “Everyone around me including the 50,000 (plus) people who have seen and are following my story say they agree with what I did to help stop the seizure caused from withdrawal of Risperdal. All but less than 10 people (have been) bashing me (online) that I have seen.”

In 2015, Governor Butch Otters vetoed Senate Bill 1146, that sought to authorize the possession of high CBD cannabis extracts by qualified patients. Otters said that permitting patients to possess CBD extracts would violate federal law and potentially encourage illicit drug abuse, according to The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).


Lindsey and Josh Rinehart shown in 2013 while the state of Idaho still retained custody of their children (Facebook)

Cannabis activist Lindsay Rinehart, who had her children taken from her in Idaho and subsequently moved to Oregon once they were returned to their family in 2013, was disheartened but not surprised when she read about Osborne’s case. “Idaho, and other states that still enforce the prohibition of cannabis, cause the real harm and danger to families. Parents of sick children who choose cannabis (a non-toxic, therapeutic medical option) should be applauded, not have their children needlessly and heartlessly ripped from their home while their parent faces criminal charges.”

Kelsey Osborne had a GoFundMe set up to help her with legal costs but it was closed because apparently one cannot use the site for legal funds. Those interested in finding out more about contributing can email Kelsey at the same address as her PayPal information: Osbornekelsey494 at gmail dot com.

When asked by The Twin Falls Times-News on October 24 why Kelsey Osborne is speaking out on her case, she emphatically stated, “They’ve already taken my life — they’ve taken my kids — so at this point, I really don’t have anything else to lose.”



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