Massachusetts Cannabis Prohibitionist Tactics Steeped in Deception, Dirty Dealing, Duplicity

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Prohibition counts on ignorance and making strange bedfellows to perpetuate the human disaster of keeping cannabis from citizens. This past week, we read a great investigative piece by Massachusetts cannabis activist and journalist Mike Crawford who works with the Boston Institute for Non-Profit Journalism about the shady behind-the-scenes dealings of various state politicians on the take from industries that want to keep cannabis illegal. While some of the revelations are not at all surprising (as we’ve seen much of the same in other states seeking more progressive cannabis laws), they are nonetheless dismaying. 

Here are just a few of the sickening ties revealed in the piece published on Alternet from the people against the Yes on 4 campaign: 

“The Safe and Healthy campaign has collected a sizable war chest that is partially funded by the alcohol industry, according to campaign finance reports. Beer Distributors of Massachusetts contributed at least $25,000, while Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Mass one-upped even them with a $50,000 gift.”

“The Needham Department of Health has been re-tweeting messages from the opposition campaign to Question 4, using their influence as a public municipal department to influence voters,” says Eric Casey of 4Front Ventures, a cannabis investment firm. “Using a government social media account to influence voters to vote a certain way on ballot initiatives is a clear violation of state ethics law.”

As if that wasn’t enough bullshit to process, the article goes on to dig even deeper into the prohibitionist/politician rat hole. If you can stomach more, please visit the article on Alternet. It’s more of the same but if we keep shining light on these cockroaches, perhaps they’ll skitter away.