Pediatric Cannabis Patient Families Who Need Your Support

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Imagine your child has a life-threatening illness that conventional pharmaceuticals have not been able to fully control. Now, imagine you’ve found something that does work (medical Cannabis) but you can’t access it on the legal market, do not qualify for it in a medical state, cannot be sure of its quality, and to top it all off, you are judged by your physicians, neighbors, your extended family. At times, you are threatened by Child Protective Services with the removal of your child because they cannot seem to fathom that cannabis has efficacy for a wide spectrum of illness that has either ceased reliance on damaging pharmaceuticals or at least greatly reduced the reliance on them, providing a better quality of life for your child.

Below, you will find blogs and social media links to some of these very families in the United States who have not only been fighting for their own children’s access but for the lives of children around the world they don’t even know.  We at Ladybud share these links in the hopes you’ll have compassion and help the families in any way you can because it’s truly sad that in the purported “land of the free” that some of them have had to be refugees within our own borders.

Supernova: When Your Child Depends On Cannabis To Live is a blog written by Nova’ssupernova mother who chronicles their daily battle to keep her healthy and comfortable. When Nova was 4 months old, she was diagnosed with schizencephaly, a rare birth defect that causes slits or clefts in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain. 

Calvin’s Story: Calvin was born six weeks early with significant neurological problems of unknown origin. When he turned two he was diagnosed with epilepsy, which eclipsed all other adversity he’d encountered. No drug or dietary treatment has completely controlled his seizures. His mother writes about the challenges they encounter, and the great perspective about the world they gain as a result. She posts something several times weekly calvinin an effort to increase epilepsy awareness, dispel the myths, promote understanding and inspire empathy, all in hope of a cure.jill-and-haley

Seizing Hope: Jill Hitchman-Osborn is the author of the Seizing Hope blog, which chronicles her journey parenting a child with epilepsy and her work as a cannabis activist. She wrote an article for Ladybud entitled: I Am No Hero: What NOT to Say to Someone Who is Suffering.

GoFundMe for Ayden: Ayden has both cerebral palsy and intractable epilepsy and this GoFundMe link is only $40 into the request to help raise $150 for a personal air conditioner which helps to bring him comfort. To learn more about Ayden and his family’s struggles, please click here.

Miracles 4 My’Isha: My’Isha’s mother Aisha chronicles her daughters battle with neuroblastoma, which she’s had since 2013.myisha

Stop criminalization of Colorado Springs cannabis patients is a YouCaring Page by Marisa Kiser and Rebecca Lockwood, two mothers whose children use cannabis to help them stay alive and have a better quality of life. They are filing a civil suit against Mayor Suthers, Colorado Springs City Council & the City of Colorado Springs to challenge the plant count ordinance and to challenge the ordinance that bans cannabis extractions processes. To date, they have raised $8200 of the $17,000 they need.

Campaign for Compassion is a Pennsylvania-based community resource with the missiotuffyn to educate the public, as well as our medical community, concerning the positive effects of the often misunderstood realm of cannabis treatment. To support their work and donate, please click here.

Tuffy’s Fight is a place where you can read about Tatyana “Tuffy” Rivera, who was diagnosed at 10 months with a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome,  and she once suffered up to 300 seizures a day, some lasting 10 minutes or more but is finding relief with cannabis.

If you are a cannabis patient family, please feel free to share your links in the comments so that the world may become more aware of your struggle and perhaps offer some help.