REVIEW: Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen

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Type: Dry herb combustible pen/vaporizer; waxy vape

The Atmos Rx, formerly known as the Atmos Raw, is a great vape for both the novice and expert. Further, it is a must-have for travelers. Packed in its own ready-to-go, water-repellent traveling case, the Atmos can easily be mistaken for an e-cigarette. Measuring half-an-inch wide and five inches long, it can fit anywhere you’d place a fountain pen and remains one of the best values on the vaporizer market.

The Atmos’ discreet design features no transparent glass or plastic — just aluminum and stainless steel, making it one of the most durable products on the market. Got a chronic case of the dropsies?  This pen can withstand falling from clumsy hands or being stepped on by unaware strangers. The Atmos Rx comes with a thick, easy-to-clean rubber mouthpiece replaceable for $9 on the manufacturer’s site.

Perhaps the best feature is the Atmos Rx’s lithium-ion battery, with a lengthy lifespan lasting between two and three days per two-hour charge — even with heavy use.

Unlike many other portable vaporizers, the Atmos’ ceramic chamber allows users to vaporize both herb and wax. Upon testing various concentrates in the Atmos, we found shatter vaporized the best, taking only three seconds to produce a thick smoke. It is a combustible pen, burning the herb as it comes into contact with the heating disc at the bottom of the chamber. For users who prefer vaporizing their herbs, suggests using a glass screen and stirring the herbs using the packing tool included in the kit. Although the chamber is huge, a little product goes a long way. However, even when we filled ours nearly full with a CO2 extract, the chamber did not leak.

The Atmos Rx comes in black, blue, green, white, pink, purple, red and silver. The four components of the pen are interchangeable, creating thousands of possible color combinations. Mix n’ match or swap colored pieces around with your friends.

To keep the flavor of your product, you’ll have to deliver some routine maintenance to the Atmos Rx. Brush the chamber before switching products using the brush tool in the traveling case for optimum results. Wipe the interior of the mouthpiece with a q-tip on a weekly basis to prevent build-up or clogging.  

Users control the size of each hit by how long they hold the button down and how hard they breathe in, although there is no adjustable temperature control. The chamber heats to 375° Fahrenheit in less than ten seconds and maxes at 400°. During testing, our Headband wax concentrate melted and got stuck to the heating disc without creating any smoke or vapor, so we recommend using shatter or CO2 extracts in your Atmos pen.

Every Atmos product comes with a scratch-and-check security code, which can be verified on the homepage of the Atmos website. These security codes protect users from buying counterfeit units, which sometimes use imitation ceramic, lead-based materials or defective batteries. Customer service representatives are also available 24/7 and can verify authorized retailers in your area.

Keep your receipt and Atmos even offers users a five year warranty! Good luck finding another portable vape guaranteed to last five years.

Includes: Mouthpiece, ceramic filter, mesh filter, spring, chamber connector, heating chamber, lithium-ion battery with discreet power button and LED light to monitor battery levels, packing tool/scoop, cleaning brush, cordless USB charger and wall adapter

Pros: Portable, durable, versatile, reliable, low maintenance, five year warranty

Cons: No temperature control

Available HERE for $99.95.