Help Cannabis Activist Simone Fischer with Crushing Medical Bills & Student Loans

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Feature image: Simone by Dana Schmitt

In December of 2014, I was rushed into the emergency room because I was serious amounts of lower abdominal pain and spotting. Two weeks prior to these painful episodes, my partner Noah and I found out we were pregnant. Noah’s mother rushed me to the ER because we feared I was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. Within hours my whole life was turned upside down.

After my emergency ultrasound, the doctor confirmed that they had found the ectopic pregnancy in my left fallopian tube…but there was something else. My right ovary had grown to  9 centimeters in diameter.  That’s roughly the size of a softball, making it larger than my uterus. I didn’t know if it was cancerous at the time. I was immediately admitted into the hospital and scheduled for emergency surgery the next day.

My diseased right ovary was surgically removed. The ectopic pregnancy within my left fallopian tube and parts of my right fallopian tube were also removed. Additional cysts were found inside my uterus and were removed as well –all laparoscopically. Luckily, after the biopsy of my right ovary was completed, the results came back as benign. My right ovary turned into a mucinous tumor that grew like a weed. I was officially diagnosed with stage five endometriosis and knew I wanted to treat my condition with cannabis, even while I was still in the hospital.

Lady Health: Endometriosis Pain & Cannabis Strain Relief


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After everything was said and done I was strapped with a $28,000 dollar medical bill on top of $30,000 of existing student loan debt from when I graduated Portland State University in 2013.  I am now faced with $58,000 thousand dollars of debt that I am reminded of every single day.

I am an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient and I chose to manage my chronic pain stemming from Endometriosis with cannabis.  Unfortunately, my insurance company does not cover ANY of my costs to cover my cannabis and I pay entirely out-of-pocket. If I chose to fill my pill prescription it would be less than $5 dollars to fill, if not entirely free.

Personally, pills ruin my appetite and wreak havoc on my GI tract because constipation enflames endo. In short, I get high, not healthy. Chronic pain has left an indelible mark on my body and soul from which I am still trying to free myself . At least cannabis allows me to pursue a better version of myself and maintain a quality of life.

Each contribution allows me to cover costs of pending medical bills while continuing to pay off my existing student loan debt. Every single penny helps and I will personally write you a thank you letter for any support offered. Please click below to be taken to my Gofundme campaign page. Thanks so much.