Save WAMM! The ‘Gold Standard’ Cannabis Collective

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“For more than two decades, WAMM has provided the world’s best working model of a truly compassionate medical cannabis collective. WAMM has also brought healing, relief and integrative care to thousands of chronically and terminally ill members—many who otherwise could not afford this medicine—while helping pass America’s first statewide medical marijuana law. They’ve even survived a DEA raid, and successfully sued the federal government in response. Please join me in supporting WAMM and Valerie Corral, so this world-class, truly grassroots organization can continue their invaluable work.” 



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Via Valerie’s Facebook page

Founded in 1993, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) in Santa Cruz, California is the world’s  oldest continuously operating medical cannabis collective. We focus on providing low-cost or no-cost organic, sun-grown cannabis and comprehensive, compassionate care to seriously ill patients unable to afford the high prices at dispensaries, including those suffering with cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, autism and pediatric epilepsy.

WAMM has eased hundreds of members through their final months by providing end-of-life care through our sister hospice project, and we’ve also provided the medicine, knowledge and community support needed for many others to successfully treat serious conditions until they show no evidence of disease.
My own journey with medical marijuana began in the 1970’s, when my husband and I discovered that cannabis was far more effective in treating my debilitating gran mal epileptic seizures than pharmaceuticals, without all the dangerous side effects. So we started growing our own. And then, after a pair of arrests for cannabis cultivation, instead of backing down, we resolved to help others facing similar persecution.

So in 1996, I co-authored Proposition 215, America’s first statewide medical marijuana law. And since then, what started as a handful of seriously ill patients banding together has grown into a vital collective that services hundreds of chronically and terminally ill members through grassroots community outreach.

That’s why WAMM has always had the strong support of the city and county of Santa Cruz, but in 2002, the Drug Enforcement Agency raided our garden at gunpoint and destroyed our entire crop of state-legal medical cannabis. Several members died as a result of being cut off from their supply. In response, less than two weeks after the DEA raid, we gathered on the steps of City Hall, alongside the mayor of Santa Cruz and other local officials, to defiantly distribute free medicine to members. Next, WAMM successfully sued the federal government.

The garden was subsequently replanted, and grows more beautifully than ever. Most recently, we’ve been at the forefront of providing high-CBD medicine for children with epilepsy and other life-threatening conditions, and designing personalized, integrative cannabis-oil treatments for cancer patients.

But now we face a serious financial crisis. Without your help, WAMM could lose our home and no longer be here for those most in need.

So please read on to learn more about WAMM, and discover all the fun, engaging ways you can help us bring healing, joy, community and cannabis to those in need.

What We Need & What You Get

In this initial round of fundraising, WAMM is hoping to raise $150,000, which will allow us to make a significant payment on the land while continuing to provide medical marijuana and related products (like edibles, tinctures, concentrates and cannabis oil) to low-income patients on a sliding scale.

In appreciation for your generous donation, we’re offering everything from a personalized email with photos and a special message of thanks from a seriously ill WAMM member you’ve helped, to artwork made by WAMM members, and even (for qualified California patients only) a special medical marijuana infused meal prepared by my 92-year-old mother, the famed “Queen of Weed Cuisine” Nonna Marijuana!

Note: It is possible to make a tax-deductible donation to WAMM via check, please contact with inquiries.

The Impact

Your donation will directly support our efforts to provide not just cannabis for the seriously ill, but also a supportive community that truly represents the compassionate roots of the medical marijuana movement.

Other Ways You Can Help

A small donation of $5 or $10 will help a lot, but even if you’re not able to make a direct financial contribution to WAMM at this time, please consider supporting us by telling your friends and family, and getting the word out on social media. Use the tools provided by Indiegogo or just post to your own accounts.

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