Doc Ault’s Artisan Medicated Sugars and Salts

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Tested by: Chemhistory
Mold/Mildew/Pesticide: Pass
THC: 1008 mg per bag (dose: 1 tsp 21 mg THC)
Reviewed by: Simone Fischer

When people think cannabis edibles, they often immediately regress back to boring brownies. I wanted to review something more versatile, more practical. Now that I am back from surgery recovery and working a fuller schedule (no such thing as full-time work in Portland), I need edibles that are discreet and not obnoxious.

Doc Ault’s created medicated sugar & salt packs in order to help picky-people like me. The “Cup ‘O Sugar” is entirely organic, non-GMO, vegan option for any stoner. Let me be clear: this isn’t your momma’s sugar. Doc Ault’s takes the time to infuse their sugars with organic cannabis, rose petal & vanilla bean extracts. These small details make all the difference.

I love to enjoy my morning coffee or tea with Doc Ault’s medicated sugar. Usually a tablespoon of sugar per cup of hot liquid is an adequate dose for me. (One teaspoon of medicated sugar contains 21mg of THC, 1 tablespoon/63mg THC). The wonderful thing about medicated sugar is the versatility and no-brainer dosing. I can use the sugar to make my own edible creations and personally dose myself. You can use medicated sugar in place of regular sugar in any recipe!

Doc Ault’s medicated salt packs are a wonderful substitution for “basic” salt at your table. My current favorite use for the salt is medicated popcorn for a healthy late-night snacking that helps me fall asleep easier. Use Doc Ault’s salt on candy recipes for divine medicated salted caramels. A true delicacy.

If looking to pair spirits and cannabis, use Doc Ault’s Artisan Medicated Salts for margarita rims or tequila shooters! Any of the artisan salts can be used on breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes.