Lady Business: Megan Schwarting of Kush Creams

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Kush Creams are Washington’s most award-winning cannabis product. In 2012 and 2013, Kush Creams won Best Non-Edible Medically-Infused Product at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle for their Super Sour Diesel/Perma Frost that features delightful ingredients like peppermint, cassia, cinnamon, menthol, and cinnamon bark. The company was founded and is owned and operated by Megan and Ben Schwarting. Activist Madeline Martinez interviewed Megan recently for Ladybud Magazine and we are proud to feature her in our female entrepreneur column Lady Business.

LADYBUD: What compelled you to start Kush Creams (KC)? 

Megan Schwarting: My husband Ben and I have been devoted to the cannabis plant our entire adult lives. We have grown and processed holistic remedies continually for family and friends until there became access points for patients. We officially branded ourselves, licensed  and starting paying taxes.

LB: Where and when did the KC company begin?

MS: We started Kush Creams in 2010 on my family’s beach homestead in Gig Harbor. The property has hosted a variety of family entrepreneurs  and businesses over the 127 years and 5 generations we have resided there.

LB: You have a rather extensive line of quality products, can you tell us more about the range of products you have available in Washington?

KC with friend Madeline Martinez at Seattle Hempfest

MS: We have the highest quality cannabis skin care products available today. We use only the purest, top of the line ingredients in our formulations. We use generous amounts of emu oil in all of our topical recipes as the delivery vessel that delivers the potent medicine right where you need it. We have never used any industrial CBD oil in any of our products. We feel strongly about organic, artisanal cannabis that is grown with love.  We have all of our products lab tested for quality and potency assurance.


LB: What was the first Kush Cream product?

MS: We actually started out with our “Phunny Hunny” medicated honey! And numerous concentrate formulations. And once Kush Creams was developed our  first scent was The O.G.Kush , which is still one of our top sellers!


LB: How many varieties has KC now developed?

MS: We have done a ton of products over the years! We have produced and distributed personal lubricants, chemotherapy shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments. We doan OwieWowie antiseptic wound cleanser with lidocaine. We have an amazing medicated tincture line that includes our Witch Doctor Pain Drops, “The Cough” throat elixir spray, toothache tincture,Snorenz snore relief spray. Medicated dental floss and toothpicks with THC . Our creams areever growing, featuring over 40scents! Our aloe-based eye and face serum continues to get rave reviews. Our top seller is the Organic Permafrost.  We truly have something for everything and everyone!


Organic Permafrost is the top selling product at Kush Creams. It is Ladybud approved as a pain-reliever and deliciously scented infused topical.

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LB: Where has business taken you with regard to recognition by the industry and personally?

MS: We have won over a dozen premier industry awards dating back to 2008 for our quality in cannabis products. But more than that Kush Creams has given me the ability to be transparent about my lifelong cannabis career. There isn’t anyone I won’t tell about Kush Creams. I love breaking down the typical cannabis stereotypes and opening up the communication about this plant everyday through our creams. They are a cannabis education tool for the masses. Everyone knows someone in pain  that they would like to help.


LB: What type of mainstream media has KC received?

A bee happily lands on a Harlequin strain plant in the Kush Creams garden.

MS: We have been approached for many media opportunities. A few we have choosen to entertain was National Geographic, The New York Times, ABC, Univision, Weed Wars, MSN Money, The Wall Street Journal. We have passed on half a dozen reality TV shows.

LB: What plans do you have for the future of KC?MS: We did apply for the Washington State legal/recreational cannabis tier 1 producer/processor license. We have our hearts and roots in Medical Marijuana and patient rights . We don’t know exactly what role Kush Creams will end up playing in the recreational marketplace but we have always been on the front lines in the cannabis industry.

LB: Tell us what you think of the emerging cannabis industry?

MS: We are concerned for the future of medical cannabis. The “green  rush” is downright scary when you have invested your entire life and future around this plant.

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