Psymposia’s Amherst 2015 Conference: Envisioning a Post Prohibition World

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Psymposia presents:
“Envisioning a Post Prohibition World” Conference
April 17-19, 2015 Amherst, MA

This conference will also be availble online:


Imagine the world without a drug war. What are the challenges? What’s possible?

Find out on the weekend of April 17-19 when Psymposia hosts a new kind of drug conference in the brand new Integrative Learning Center building at the University of Massachusetts campus.

They’ve spent months gathering a diverse array of speakers to share their dreams of a world with a more rational relationship to psychoactives.

On Friday night, April 17th the event commences with a free ‘Psychedelic Storytelling’ followed by two days of talks featuring the Erowids, Chris Kilham, Katherine MacLean, Dorion Sagan, Dimitri Mugianis, & many more. The lobby will be filled with artists, vendors, drug organizations and new friends to meet.

If unable to attend in person at UMass Amherst, watch the entire conference online and ask host Lex Pelger questions who will be monitoring the feeds.

With short speeches and lots of time for audience questions, they hope to foster interaction and highlight a far-flung array of topics from the psychoactive community.

Conversation topics include:

  • Drug Policy in a Post Prohibition World
  • The Future of Healthcare: Psychedelic Medicine
  • Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet
  • This Thing Called the Psychedelic Community
  • How the Internet Ends the Drug War


  • Earth & Fire, Erowid Center
  • Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham – Ayahuasca Test Pilots
  • Katherine MacLean – The Psychedelic Art of Dying
  • Dorion Sagan – Taking Drugs Seriously
  • Neşe Devenot – Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet
  • Dimitri Mugianis – A Conversation on Ibogaine & Harm Reduction
  • Britta Love – Hookers & Dealers to Therapists & Guides
  • Jeremy Wolff – How Cannabis Reflects the Future
  • Kilindi Iyi – Psilocybin For the People
  • Oliver Williams – To Breathe Or Not To Breathe, a talk on Holotropic Breathwork
  • Twig Harper – Transmissions From Salvia Space
  • Richard Doyle – Ecodelics
  • David Nickles – DMT Nexus

…and many more including “Fresh Voices” segments.

Integrative Learning Center N25at UMass Amherst (2nd floor main entrance)
650 N Pleasant St Amherst MA 01003

Schedule for the weekend of April 17th:
Friday: Psychedelic Storytelling (FREE) – 7PM
Saturday & Sunday: Envisioning Conference – Doors 9:30 AM

Because it’s a college town, Amherst has plenty of of places to stay close to campus including AirBnBs from cool old professorial types.

2 hours from Boston. 3 hours from NYC.
We’ll try to facilitate carpools from the cities

Shuttles run both to Boston’s Logan Airport &
Bradley Int’l Airport in Windsor Locks, CT (only an hour away)

NYC: Megabus has a run in the morning and another at 4PM
BOS: Peter Pan runs quite often

Tickets are limited and on a first come first serve basis. Discounted rate for students are available. A limited number of day passes MAY be available at the door.

Live stream:
If you can’t physically make it to the event, the event can come to you! It’s being livestreamed and weekend passes are just $20. Go to to purchase yours!