Colorado Cannabis on “60 Minutes” Sunday, Jan. 11th Featuring Megan Sanders of MiNDFUL

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It’s a very clear sign that cannabis is rapidly gaining cultural traction: this Sunday’s edition of the 47-year-old news program 60 Minutes, a program that is arguably one of the most trusted news shows in the country, will be featuring the legal marijuana industry in Colorado.

megan sanders

“We’ve done a phenomenal job. Our industry cards to see if you have a medical card or if you’re over age 21.”

Tomorrow night, January 11th, 2015, 60 Minutes will air an in-depth feature at 8 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT. The segment will feature Ladybud Magazine friend Megan Sanders of MiNDFUL, with correspondent Bill Whitaker.

Sanders was an excellent choice to represent the cannabis industry because of what a professional image she cuts. She is a mother of two and was previously employed by a private equity firm. Now, she’s the successful CEO of a company with five dispensary locations currently and a breathtaking indoor grow operation. She speaks with clear passion and intelligence, a marked departure from the traditional media depiction of those involved in the production of cannabis.

If the preview on the CBS website is any indication of the content of the special, it looks to be informative and cannabis-positive. Sanders takes Whitaker inside her 44,000 square foot grow facility, located across the street from a Denver Police station. The facility is clean and cutting-edge, and Sanders employs 60 people for cultivation purposes, who grow and harvest 500 pounds of cannabis every month. This commercial grow facility is a shining example of an ideal operation run by a conscientious and savvy entrepreneur.

Hopefully, this report will help continue the cultural shift toward cannabis acceptance. Sanders even talks briefly in the clip about how local parents are more curious than furious and is quick to drive home an important consideration about legalization: dispensaries card, black market dealers don’t.

 Tune in tomorrow night to your local CBS affiliate to see the episode. In the meantime, readers can visit the Mindful dispensary Facebook page  or their website for more information about the business.



‘A Letter to my Cannabis Family’ by Megan Sanders

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