Little Loralai Passes On After Battling Brain Tumor with Cannabis

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After four years of filling the lives of everyone around her with love, hope and beauty, Loralai G., a pediatric cannabis patient fighting a severe brain tumor, passed from this world at 9:01 am on January 2nd, 2015. The only child of a single mother, she ended her life as she spent her life: close to those who loved her dearly, including her mother and her grandparents, surrounded in love.

For those not familiar with this little angel’s story, Loralai was born on December 1st, 2010. Her time here was brief, thanks to her battle with an ETANTR or embryonal tumor with abundant neuropil and true rosettes. This genetic, devastating form of pediatric cancer is only found in children under the age of four and is considered to be terminal, despite major strides in research in recent years. The original tumor was found when Loralai was younger and surgically removed. She then went through chemotherapy treatments for months, multiple bone marrow transplants and radiation treatments.

10846375_717517181704055_3422947682401748158_nSadly, though these treatments slowed the progress of the tumor, they could not cure Loralai. Her mother  turned to cannabis oil and maintains that while it did not cure her, it drastically improved her quality of life. While her mother regularly struggled with decisions about her medical care, especially painful, difficult chemotherapy treatments, the cannabis was never a cause for concern. Unfortunately, because the tumors in Loralai’s brain were caused by a chromosomal anomaly in the 19th chromosome pair, even successful treatments inevitably fail when the tumor re-asserts itself.

While her medical condition dictated much of Loralai’s life and time, it was not what defined her. She was a girly-girl who loved to care for her stuffed animals and play dress-up. She also loved children’s action and adventure movies (like How to Train Your Dragon) and performing as a singer and small-time actress for her loved ones. Even on her worst days, under seige from the cancer growing inside her, Loralai’s spirit thrived under the loving, watchful eyes of her mother, her family and her online fans, even as her body struggled. Now that her struggle is over, those who loved and knew her will remember her as a bright light, a beautiful angel watching over them.

A brilliant spark, Loralai’s life and passing will continue to light the way for countless activists who struggle to make cannabis legally available to those with serious medical conditions. The bravery of this pediatric cannabis patient and her family should inspire many to help change broken laws in this country and abroad and to support research into childhood cancers. Those who wish to offer support to Loralai’s mother can do so via the  Prayers for Loralai Facebook page. Others are still donating to the family’s funding page as a means of offering consolation and support in their time of grief. The hearts of everyone at Ladybud are with Loralai’s family in this time of grief.


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Photo Credit: The Prayers for Loralai Facebook page