An Open Letter to People Who Think the Police Accountability Movement is Built on Hate

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This article was written by Cassius Methyl on 12/23 & was originally published by The Anti Media. It is an excellent analysis and the importance of the police accountability movement and the inspiration and cultural forces behind many of the activists involved in the movement.

This is a message to Allen Clifton, co-founder of Forward Progressives, and anyone else who labels the police accountability movement dangerous and hateful. Us “anti-government activists” as you called us, protesters, cop watchers, cop blockers, members of the civil rights movement; we are not hate groups as you recently proclaimed, despite being thoroughly told you are wrong in the comment section of your own article. You join the ranks of other “journalists” like Bill O’Reilly who recently attacked Cop Block and others who film the police.

You just made the declaration that the motivation for our work comes from hate. You say Cop Block is a hate group and not a police accountability group, but i am writing this to break down the simple reason why we, and the millions of people who think this way, understand that the government and police are something that should be opposed. We do not want police accountability because we hate the police, we want it because we are opposed to hate.

You also insulted the intelligence of liberals, your own supposed constituents I presume, saying in your article:

A few months ago I wrote an article warning liberals that they were being duped by many of these so-called “police accountability” websites and Facebook pages. I explained that by buying into their propaganda, these liberals were basically supporting radical anti-government right-wing groups. What these various organizations try to do is attempt to hide their contempt for government behind their supposed desire to “hold police officers accountable.” But their clear disdain for law enforcement is just a part of their overall intense hatred of authority and the government.

Perhaps the most well-known of all of these groups is Cop Block. On Facebook, they list themselves under the category of an “Education Website,” which is absolute nonsense. They’re not out to educate, inform or hold anyone accountable – they’re out to slander police officers.

Well, first of all Cop Block is not right wing, or left. Second, it’s fueled by a detailed collective understanding of the dysfunctional and overall negative effect the police and government have on our people. Insulting the intelligence of people reading content on Cop Block as if they have no ability to make decisions for themselves perfectly illustrates your disconnection from reality and predisposition to support government, despite it being dysfunctional and immoral.

But perhaps most importantly, you apparently don’t know the definition of “slander.”

Cop Block and us here at The Anti-Media, we do not publish things about the police or government that are not true . Ever. Therefore, that’s not slander. You don’t know what you’re taking about. Not only that, but you just said something untrue about Cop Block. That is the actual definition of slander!

Our views as “anti-government” activists come from much knowledge, much research, much effort to understand everything. For example, we research statistics on casualties from the US Government, and we track their crimes and report on them to illustrate the true nature of the US Government.

If they did nothing wrong, we would have nothing to write about. Of course personally we don’t just cover negative or controversial things at The Anti-Media, but my point is this; once a person starts critically thinking, questioning standards, they open up doors and start to believe things that don’t vibe well with previous false preconceived notions.

Allen, it seems like you are stuck with cognitive dissonance, and you have some form of illogical bias to support the US Government, with no regard for whether or not supporting them will result in a more prosperous future for you and your family, your kids, my kids, and all the rest of us.

We are here to tell you the facts about corruption, expose the crimes of powerful people and police who they command, for nothing more than the betterment of our society. It’s just a better place to live in when police aren’t killing unarmed, innocent people with impunity. It’s that simple, but you had to claim it was “hate.”

If you would look at this from the right perspective, you would see more people every day are agreeing upon being “anti-government” because government in America is downright malicious, corrupt, overbearing, murderous, and war mongering. That’s the pattern when a government is corrupt; it’s incredibly simple.

Isn’t it the duty of the people of a society to oppose anything that bears those characteristics and functions to destroy peace and prosperity? If you really want to claim the US Government does not bear all the characteristics of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, there are indisputable facts, incidents, previous actions of the US government and police, that illustrate a long history of downright immorality. These are the facts that separate our detailed perspectives from yours.

Those of us who you call “anti-government,” most of us are simply individuals who took extra time to read about history, read about things, and came to the logical conclusion that the US government and most current police have a consistently negative impact on society. What do you possibly think you know about us?

What we do as activists is not simply spew hatred like you claim (or spew hatred towards other organizations randomly like you just did), but we are truly, genuinely looking to better the world we live in, and that involves opposing greed, malice, corruption, and violence no matter where it originates.

Right now, a new generation is coming of age, and this generation (that I am a part of), did not grow up with the kind of propaganda you did.

Obviously mainstream media causes cognitive dissonance and disconnection from reality, which is required to support authority while completely disregarding the morality of that authority. Does it benefit our society to embellish and trust that authority? No, we never really saw the era of time you did, where there mainstream media had substantial power to warp issues and convince people to support the US government.

Instead, we grew up in an era of the internet, where we always had the ability to fact check and logically destroy preconceived notions, stereotypes, biases, etc.

We are a generation that witnessed the wars of aggression in the Middle East at an early age and saw the malicious, parasitic nature of government in circumstances that allowed us to truly, truly understand them, to clearly see the true moral character of the establishment and government. At least right now I am speaking for my generation, Cop Blockers span all generations and demographics.

We became “anti-government” through objective analysis of the governments actions; it is that simple. Do you not oppose something once you realize it incarcerates non-violent people, kills thousands of innocent children in the Middle East with drones and commits unfathomable, unspeakable atrocity after atrocity with impunity, while convincing people like you that it’s okay?

For you to support the US government and completely overlook the reasons why we believe what we do, you have to ignore every single crime committed by the government. To disregard our hard-earned perspectives and “anti-government” beliefs, you have to disregard all US drone strikes that killed innocent children, the incredible amount of people incarcerated for decades for non-violent crimes and every instance of injustice.

If we were to debate on the morality of the US Government, I would calmly shut down every last argument you could possibly fathom, and I would present you with irrefutable evidence of the immorality and general parasitic nature of the government because it needs to be changed for the betterment of our society, our children, and our children’s children.

At that point in this hypothetical debate, you would have no choice but to openly say you still support the US Government despite every instance of them inflicting unfathomable pain on innocent human beings, or you would have to change your opinion. It is at this point that you would probably not change your opinion, as people tend to do when they are stuck with a mental illness called cognitive dissonance.

So, that’s a little breakdown of why we believe what we do. We do not just trust the status quo or general consensus on issues, we think freely. Critical thinking: it’s not taught in public school. We tend to form our own opinions rather than stick with some vague standard that allows for corruption, death, abuse of power and countless other negative things for our society.

No matter how much you want to write about how we are filled with hate or that we’re unreasonable, no one is going to believe you except the few who are just as deluded as you.

Want proof of this? Just look at the comments on the two articles you wrote slandering our movement. Almost none of them agree with you; almost all of them understand the simple things I am trying to get across to you with this article.

The fact is the US government has more people incarcerated than any regime in the history of the world. If you did not know that fact, do some research on the prison industrial complex. Do some research, and understand the full scope of our collective situation with abusive police who kill with impunity, understand the full scope of the situation with corruption in America, understand how the families of people needlessly killed by police feel and understand every single thing that we have painstakingly set out to learn and understand.

It requires  an ability to completely change your opinions in favor of new facts and information, admitting you are wrong when you are proven to be wrong, to go from supporting the US Government to understanding their detrimental negative effect on our society and how we need to change that.

So, delving into the realm of possibility after a person understands the US Government is inherently immoral and toxic to the prosperity of people not just in our country but all over the world:

What do we actually want to do about all of this police brutality and the government?

That is up for debate. Some want to see the federal government and state governments be completely shut down in favor of community rule, like the towns in Southwestern Mexico (who have had excellent results with community rule).

We all have different philosophical ideas of an ideal society, as “anti-government” activists, but overall what we wish to replace the US Government (or not replace them) with is up for debate. If you ask any “anti-government” activist or cop blocker what their ideal version of a society should be, you should expect a long and detailed answer.

See, while it’s pretty inconsequential what you believe about us, I’m going to respond to your efforts to slander us because that can’t just be ignored. I would like to take the opportunity to express what we are really about; we are about depth, thinking, acting with the most defined of intentions, improving our society and seeking prosperity and peace for our families and people just like anyone else.

I wrote this to help people like you, who misunderstand the movement, to see that there is a depth to what we are doing that goes far beyond your perception of it.

We are thinkers, philosophers, activists and people concerned for the state of our society and world.

We are not blindly hateful people, like you disrespectfully implied in your two articles about us, and I hope that has just been made abundantly clear.

To everyone who agrees, please share this with absolutely as many people as possible.


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