‘Tis the Season: Cool Winter Holiday Gift Ideas from Ladybud Magazine

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If you’re planning on blowing the hemp socks off of any of your loved ones this holiday season, you will heed well to the following gift suggestions from Ladybud staff and our friends. We’ve got the intel on some of the best products for free thinkers to celebrate the season! Some of the great women business owners and activists you see linked in the product descriptions go directly to their Ladybusiness interviews. The majority of items are made by cottage industry artisans and eco-conscious humans who believe in constructive capitalism.

Happy holiday season, friends. Thanks for all the support for great businesses run by fantastic humans and for reading Ladybud Magazine.

Go.Pen by O.penVAPE 
Cost: $79.95


Featuring the Go.Pen vaporizer

The Go.Pen is a colorful, rechargeable, fits-in-your-pocket vaporizer that you can take with you wherever you go. It comes in 7 different colors and 2 different finishes (soft-touch matte and gloss) and can be filled with the concentrate of your choice. Go.Pen’s on/off feature means you won’t vape your pocket or purse, and like all O.Pen vaporizer pens, it comes with a lifetime warranty. O.Pen also has a great selection of practical and pleasantly designed pen cases, shirts, hat, and other complementary ancillary merch. BUY NOW and use special Ladybud code: ‘OpenLADY’ for  20% off & free shipping!

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution by Ladybud contributor Jessica Catalano & published by Green Candy Press:
Cost: $16.20 Paperback
 $12.49 Kindle


Beautiful recipes, healing foods

Jessica Catalano is a Professional Culinarian and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine published by Green Candy Press. She is a Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Lifestyle advocate who has combined her two loves of food and cannabis into stylish medicated dishes for Medical Cannabis patients. Catalano pioneered the idea of infusing terpenes into cooking and baking via strain specific recipes to elevate the flavors in the edibles she creates.

BRAVE MYKAYLA Benefit Peace – Love – Cure Bracelet – 10% donation to Brave Mykayla
Cost: $100

Vanessa Waltz is a medical marijuana patient and advocate who is inspired by the amazing healing powers of the cannabis plant. silverkind brave mykShe noticed that there is not much cannabis-themed fine jewelry out there, and decided to create this hand-crafted original collection to express her gratitude for the relief she found during my cancer treatment. Waltz is a former managing editor of Ladybud Magazine, writer, artist, and marijuana reform advocate living in New Mexico. She graduated from Wellesley College in 1994 with a dual BA in Sociology and Studio Arts. She is a firm believer in the healing properties of cannabis, and has a special interest in advocacy for children with epilepsy and cancer. She is the managing editor of Ladybud Magazine and serves on the board of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey (CMMNJ). She has another Etsy store, Ristra Ranch which specializes in western and equestrian fine jewelry and accessories. More about Vanessa on Ladybud from her Ladybusiness interview with Publisher Diane Fornbacher.

ladybud shirt

Endorsed by Oregon activist Madeline Martinez at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland.

LADYBUD Magazine Clothing, Accessories & Home Goods
Cost: Various

Support your favorite online publication and keep it strong with your financial support. Pioneer female activist Debby Goldsberry supports Ladybud Magazine and implores you to do the same, “Ladybud elevates the cannabis reform issue higher than ever before, with feature articles and opinion pieces that hit topics left untouched by existing mainstream cannabis outlets. Their engaging, edgy, well-researched stories, are designed to inspire thoughtful actions by readers. Ladybud‘s approach uses art, comedy, literature, beauty and alternative lifestyle reporting to excite cannabis users to get up off the couch and out to engage in life. Order Ladybud merch by Dec. 10th to guarantee winter holiday delivery. 

Cannabis Christmas Ornament by Smokies Toke Couture
Cost: $8

An embossed metal cannabis leaf ornament at a very practical price for something so beautiful. Perfect for the holidays and all year round. Check out the shops beautiful jewelry and hair accessories. She creates handcrafted cannabis inspired accessories from her San Francisco studio. il_570xN.691862709_6bmy

From Pilar Johnson, the artist behind Smokies Toke Couture:
“Smokies Toke Couture was created to fill the void in the market for well crafted marijuana themed accessories. While searching for cannabis themed products myself, I really did not find much available that had the quality or on-trend style that I was looking for. My conclusion is that female smokers are very underserved in the fashion arena. Many items currently being sold in the marketplace are either created for men, or are a novelty type product, skimping on quality. I strive to create high quality accessories for the discriminating smoker, with an eye on fashion and vintage styles.”

htMarijuana for Everybody!: The Official High Times Guide to Getting High, Feeling Good, and Having Fun by Elise McDonough,
Published by Chronicle Books LLC
Cost: $13.56 Paperback
$9.39 Kindle

Cultural paradigm in cannabis is shifting at an incredible rate these days. High Times writer McDonough’s book educates first timers but still entertains even seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.

Emerging Clinical Applications For Cannabis & Cannabinoids : A Review of the Recent Scientific Literature, 2000 — 2013 by NORML
Cost: $10

Sales of this booklet support the ongoing work of the oldest cannabis legalization reform organizations on the planet — The National Organization for Emerging Clinical Applications Cannabisthe Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and is a handsome gift for family, friends, physicians or government officials. Buy two and keep one for yourself and class up your bookshelves. Check out the other NORML store items like pot leaf lapel pins, founder Keith Stroup’s book ‘It’s NORML to Smoke Pot.’

‘Purple Tears’ Painting/Canvas Prints by artist Lisete Alcalde
Cost: $500.00$3,500.00


The original oil on canvas is priced at $3500 but limited edition prints are available on canvas. They are signed by the artist, and stamped with an original logo numbered from #1-30 : 26×38 – $500 and 36×48 – $600.

About the artist: “I feel my way through life, my emotions are the connection to the other world, the one I don’t see with my human eyes…I make love with everything I see, feel, touch, taste and hear. That’s my inspiration.”

Futurola Roll Your Own (RYO) Small Size or King Size
Cost: $14.99 Small
$19.99 King

Straight outta Amsterdam, Futurola also sells rolling kits, king size gift boxes and other ancillary products in their store.  RYO colors available in Purple futurola-ryo-small-size(shown), black, hot pink, gray, tangerine and gray. Update your rolling machine and give dad back that Lucky Strike one.

Hemp Wildflower Print by My Sunshine Vintage on Etsy
Cost: $10

Hemp flower print with vivid colors from 1973 Vintage Book Page from Wildflowers Book, published in West Germany. Size about 9.75 x 7.75.” From the listing: “In very good vintage condition with no tears, some slight browning of the page.”

il_570xN.370314698_t4k9Get a piece of aged-just-right hemp history for your activist headquarters or your mama’s outhouse. Find other beautiful botanical prints of all nature’s treasures in their shop. Owner Nina says, “My Sunshine Vintage is your ultimate resource for vintage illustrations, antique maps, botanical prints, bird book plates and drawings plus vintage home decor!”

Hemp Shield Wood Finish
Cost: $41-59

For the handy lady or dude, Hemp Shield products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, with extremely low levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and 0% HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutant). More detailed information about HempShieldenvironmental safety testing as well as quality testing is available on the company’s website. The products are all made in the USA, and users are even eligible for tax credits thanks to Hemp Shield’s low VOC and “bio-based sustainable resin sourcing.” Read the Ladybud review of  Hemp Shield wood finish and deck sealer.

Bodhi, Hemp & Maple leaves Offering Bowl Handmade Pottery by DeBaun Fine bodhi dishCeramics
Cost: $28.75

Gorgeous handmade pottery offering bowl by artist Diane De Baun. This handmade bowl is oxidation-fired in deep purple with gold rim featuring bodhi leaves, maple leaves and a hemp leaf in the center. Some of the most beautiful leaves were chosen for this bowl to honor the king of the plant kingdom: trees, one of the many gifts of nature.

Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Gift Basket
Cost: $59.99

One of Ladybud Magazine’s favorite product lines, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are fair trade, and as a family business, cares deeply not only about contributing financially to many humanitarian and environment causes but shows it an action. David Bronner, CEO of the company travels extensively speaking on GMO labeling, supporting Hemp History Week, sustainable agriculture, expanding civil drbronners-fairtrade-giftbasket_2liberties and safe access to healing plants and entheogens. We admire this successful, conscientious business model and hope you will buy someone special their 5 lb. Fair Trade Gift Basket. All products are vegan, non-toxic, non-animal tested and certified organic. To source their baskets, they have partnered with PINARTE, a women’s cooperative based in Cinco Pinos, a small village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Starting in 1993 with a group of twelve women, the cooperative now employs over thirty women who make their living by weaving pine needle baskets. Sales of our Fair Trade Gift Baskets help to build a sustainable community in an extremely impoverished part of Nicaragua. Our baskets are environmentally-friendly, taking advantage of an abundant local raw material (pine needles). Also available in their store: Dr. Bronner’s “Constructive Capitalism” Hemp T-Shirt and great Monthly Specials on body care, clothing, and home goods.


“These are made for the compassionate, eco-conscious, practical consumer.”
– Vedge Candles

Vedge Candle in ‘Christmas Past’ 
Cost: $13

Reviewed for Ladybusiness by activist and writer Anna Diaz, Vedge Candle is woman-owned and located in the Pacific Northwest. Vedge candles are premium quality soy candles made in beautiful, reusable Weck Jars. Exceptionally fragrant with a clean and even burn quality, these are made for the eco-conscious, practical consumer who knows how a candle should burn. 100% Soy and Dye-Free, each candle is made with only sustainable ingredients. In fact, the soy in your Vedge Candle was likely in the ground less than a year ago, on a farm in the Midwest. ‘Christmas Past’ candles are base of rich clove, orange peel, and cinnamon are combined with notes of earthy cedarwood and fir.

KGB Blue Chillum Glass Donut (pipe)
Cost: $150.00

Chillum donut

Not to be confused with an actual edible.

Oh, ah! This glass donut chillum is fun and iridescent. Anyone who gets this will likely break it in with you especially if you’re the one buying it for them. Be the talk of the safety meeting with this most unique puffing accessory. Putting it on a shelf for display-only would be understandable but a waste of functional art. KGB also has other fun designs available like Bacon Donut, Tony Donut, KGB x Sarah Marblesbee. Warning: You cannot eat this hard glass donut after developing the munchies. Go eat some yogurt and cucumbers instead.

Documentary: Ayahuasca,Vine of the Soul
Cost: $17.50 (until Jan. 5)

“Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul” is an award-winning documentary that explores the mystery of ayahuasca shamanism, offering insights into the nature of spirituality, mystical experience and self-healing through a heightened state of consciousness. Filmmaker Richard Meech follows key protagonists as they journey to Peru – and back home – capturing in verité style both the life-altering epiphanies and nights of terror encountered after drinking the ayasacred brew. Throughout the film, in-depth interviews with indigenous and Western curanderos, ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna, addiction expert Dr. Gabor Maté and scholar Kenneth Tupper speak to the increasing use of ayahuasca outside the Amazon and the potential benefits for Western medicine, personal spiritual growth and a new understanding of nature. Your purchase helps to support Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Check out other items in their store for more books and video on entheogenic journeys and research findings as well as t-shirts, lapel pins and logo canteens.

Organic Hemp Leg Warmers with Tree of Life Design by Eco Elf on Etsy
ost: $63.79

100% Organic Knitted Hemp Leg Warmers. Perfect for autumn and winter with material that is eco-friendly, fair trade and vegan.hemp leg warmers
Handmade by Eco Elf, customers can choose an alternative embroidery pattern. Anja Pulleyn is a wonderfully caring human whose care for Earth is perfectly illustrated with her creations. “I love nature, the forest, trees and wonderful natural organic materials. With EcoElf, I am trying to show that it is also possible to create magical clothing that is ethical, eco-friendly and vegan. I use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic fabrics, especially knitted hemp or organic cotton. I also love to recycle/upcycle pre-loved items and fabrics and create something new and beautiful is based in Germany so order soon to get items by the holidays.” See also her mineral jewelry and upcycled pieces on Etsy. Order ASAP, as she is based in Germany.

Make Art Not War Poster from Syracuse Cultural Workers
ost: $15 unframed
 $30 small unframed
 $115 large framed

Since 1989, Shepard Fairey has been “creating quality dissent” by haunting consumer culture with a street make art not warart campaign featuring an omnipresent Andre the Giant. This offset poster (originally a silkscreen print), instead of visual satire, uses an altered, classic antiwar phrase and early rock and roll poster design to create an appealing work. It couldn’t, of course, be more timely. More info on Shepard’s website obeygiant.com

ABOUT Syrucause Cultural Workers: Founded in 1982, SCW is a progressive publisher committed to peace, sustainability, social justice, feminism and multiculturalism. They create and publish visual materials, like calendars, posters, T-shirts, cards and postcards. Their mission is to help create a culture that honors diversity and celebrates community; that inspires and nurtures justice, equality and freedom; that respects our fragile Earth and all its beings; that encourages and supports all forms of creative expression.

Mo Flake- pin/ornament in ‘Northern Lights’ by I Just Geeked Myself on Etsy
ost: $20

This adorable pin/ornament is collab between Vape Heisenberg and Mo from ‘I just Geeked Myself‘. Northern mo pinLights is shown here in light blue but there are two other styles available:  Poinsettia (red/green) and Jack Frost (in basic blue/silver). Specify when ordering as all three are shown on the store’s listing.

Hemp Fiber Sample Pack by Hemp Traders
Cost: $5

Six small bags of various 100% hemp fiber products (hemp bark, long fiber, short fiber, degummed fiber, combed fiber and hurd). Approximately 1 gram each. This is a great resource for individuals and companies who know they would like to use hemp in their projects,and can serve as a helpful activist educational tool or part of a collection. Hemp Traders is the largest supplier of hemp fiber products in the United States. SPF-2They supply hemp fabric, hemp twine, hemp rope, hemp clothing, hemp webbing and more. Their mission is to help the environment by bringing hemp back into the mainstream and supplying the best quality hemp products at the lowest possible prices. Hemp Traders work directly with the farmers, factories and manufacturers to ensure we are providing the most natural hemp products with the most minimal impact on the planet. Visit their site to see more products that are good for you and good for the planet. Completely legal.

Absinthe Lip Balm by Phoenix Botanicals
ost: $8

A delicious, sweetly mysterious and very soothing lip balm. Made with Wormwood’s local sister plant, absinthewildcrafted Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), and yummy organic & local ingredients. Ingredients: organic olive oil, wildcrafted Artemisia vulgaris, organic shea butter, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, anise essential oil. Also check out the Lip Tint and Blush in Compact. It’s so beautiful and classy looking.

CATULA American Apparel Pullover in Black by SharpShirter
Cost: $39.99

Sorry-not-sorry, this is the cutest, funniest and a most proper wardrobe piece. It’s really quite everything desirable in a piece of fashion. People cat sweatshirtwill stop, stare and point for all the right reasons. Best of all, vampires, cats and vampire-cats are always in vogue, no?




Feature photo: ‘Asselt – The Netherlands’ by Bert Kaufmann via Commons Wikipedia