Tell the DOJ: Ban Racial Profiling by Police

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Michael Brown’s death is a tragic loss to his family, community, and this nation. But because of this tragedy, and the protests that followed, national leaders are finally paying attention to racial profiling and discriminatory policing.

We must not allow the killing of Michael Brown and other unarmed individuals by the police to be in vain.

With enough widespread public pressure, we can push our leaders to implement effective structural changes and transform policing across the country. It’s about time.

We can’t move forward until our national leaders acknowledge and directly address the recycled vestiges of racial violence and de-humanization, particularly in law enforcement, that still exist today.

Too many lives have been lost and too many continue to be unnecessarily endangered, especially in communities of color.

Urge the DOJ to release their Guidance to ban racial profiling and ask them to make it enforceable, not only on the federal level, but also with state and local law enforcement agencies.

The preceding text was originally released as an action alert email by the ACLU. The original can be viewed here. Readers are encouraged to add their names to the petition online, which asks that the Department of Justice ban racial profiling as a law enforcement practice. Click here to add your name to the petition.

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Photo Credit: The ACLU