California AG Sees a ‘Certain Inevitability’ To Legal Marijuana

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The following article was written by John Peoples and was originally published by It is reprinted with permission.

 Based on the success of pro-marijuana ballot measures in the recent mid-term elections, proponents of legalizing cannabis are watching California closely as the 2016 election approaches.

Folks within the marijuana industry think legalization in California will be the tipping point in the battle to end the national marijuana prohibition, and triggering an economic tsunami in the process.

Even  California Attorney General Kamala Harris recognizes a “certain inevitability” to legal recreational marijuana coming to the Golden State.

“I am not opposed to the legalization of marijuana,” Harris said in an interview with Buzzfeed News. “I’m the top cop, and so I have to look at it from a law enforcement perspective and a public safety perspective. I think we are fortunate to have Colorado and Washington be in front of us on this and figuring out the details of what it looks like when it’s legalized.”

California allowed medical marijuana in 1996, but still has not legalized recreational use of cannabis. Sale of recreational marijuana has begun in Colorado and Washington State. Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. approved new laws in November that ended cannabis prohibition.

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