1 in 3 Campaign Speak Out Event November 20th

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This Thursday, November 20th, 2014, is the 1 in 3 Campaign’s Abortion Speakout. As part of this national campaign, many women will share the stories of their abortions; some will do so live on Skype, some will speak from a studio in Washington DC, while others have already shared their stories to be read anonymously during the event, all in the hopes of combating the social stigma and shame that are attached to having an abortion.

The 1 in 3 Campaign is already a powerful force for social change, sharing hundreds of stories from women who have had abortions. Each story is in the words of woman who had to make the decision; they range from long and tragic to short and grateful. Some women tell their backstories, some tell about the actual procedure, and each tale is as unique as the circumstances that created it.

Despite the idea in many anti-choice people’s minds that the only women having abortions are irresponsible, unmarried women who aren’t using birth control, many of the women who tell their stories were using at least one form of birth control when they got became pregnant. Some were in abusive relationships. Others were just starting college or having their career take off. Many of the women who have shared their stories were already mothers when they decided to terminate a pregnancy.

Those women who are willing to speak up and help dismantle society’s preconceived notions about those who have had abortions are performing an act of true activism. They are staring down social stigma with bravery and claiming their experiences and their bodies, demanding that the decision of when to carry a child remains in the hands of the women carrying the child.

Although the 1 in 3 Campaign stopped taking applications several weeks ago for women who wish to tell their story as part of the Abortion Speakout on November 20th, the 1 in 3 Campaign is always accepting the stories of women who want to share. They accept both written stories and video testimonials, and allow each woman to decide how, if at all, she is identified and where the story is shared.

Thursday’s event will be live-streamed. Follow the 1 in 3 Campaign on Facebook here for updates about the Abortion Speakout this Thursday.

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Photo Credit: The 1 in 3 Campaign