Last Day to Sign Up for Witch Camp Boot Camp with Maia Toll of Herbiary

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For those Ladybud readers who are looking to more deeply explore themselves and their inner workings, Witch Boot Camp with Maia Toll may very well be a way to do so in a guided manner. Maia Toll is one of the expert herablists assocaited with the Herbiary, and she regularly blogs about writing, spirituality and herbalism.

Witch Camp Boot Camp requires dedication; it lasts for 51 days and requires that participants spend time in ritual and written reflection every morning. It will include support and weekly guidance from Maia Toll herself. Witch Camp Boot Camp costs $89 and there are still a few openings. Those interested should click here and register for the program.

This program is intended to help people reconnect with their intuitive selves, tap into their personal wisdom and find new appreciation for themselves daily through reflection and ritual. Best of luck to the participants and all those seeking a clearer view of the universe and their position in it.

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Photo Credit: By Albert Joseph Penot under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons