Justice for Alex Hill, Removed from Parents for Marijuana and Murdered in Foster Care

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Trigger Warning: This article discusses the removal of a child from biological parents for marijuana use, child abuse and the murder of a child while in foster care.

Beautiful baby Alexandria Hill was removed from her parent’s custody because they naively admitted to Child Protective Services that they sometimes used marijuana at night, after Alex was asleep, to help them rest as well. Child Protective Services in Texas apparently felt that minor marijuana use was neglectful supervision, so she was removed from the custody of her devoted, loving parents and placed in foster care.

She was abused and neglected in her first foster home placement, showing up to visitation with bruises on her body and mildew in her bags. After multiple complaints from her parents, CPS sent little Alex to a second foster home where she was eventually murdered by her foster mother.

According to the foster mother’s version of events, she accidentally slammed the child down onto the floor. She described raising Alex over her head three times and dropping her toward the floor as an act of frustration with the child, who she claimed slipped from her grasp the last time and slammed into a floor which was essentially concrete. Alex died in a Texas hospital several days later on July 31st, 2013, when she was taken off of life support.

This week, Alex received justice when a jury found her foster mother Sherill Small guilty of captial murder, which carried an automatic sentenced of life in prison without the possibility of parole, as the prosecutor was not seeking the death penalty.

Tomorrow, November 7th 2014, would have been Alex’s fourth birthday. Instead of a party, full of laughter and sweet memories, her family has the cold comfort of justice. Alex may be gone, but her killer will spend the rest of her days incarcerated. Although Alex’s light was snuffed out far too early, this beautiful angel will never be forgotten. The life, death, and memories of Alex Hill will long be inspiring activists to help reform the broken child protection laws and programs in this country.

Those interested in the family’s memorial of Alex can follow the Justice4 Alex Hill page on Facebook, where memories and thoughts about the little angel are often posted.

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Photo Credit: The Justice 4 Alex Hill Facebook Page