East Coast Election Results: Congrats to Guam and Washington DC!

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The results are in from the eastern seaboard, and cannabis reform is doing pretty well. Although Amendment 2, the proposed medical marijuana law, did not receive the necessary 60% of the vote in Florida, cannabis has had two other significant wins.

The proposed medical marijuana law in Guam passed with nearly 57% of votes in favor of the new law. Also called the Joaquin KC Concepcion Compassionate Cannabis Act of 2013, this law marks the first such bill approved by citizens in a U.S. territory or protectorate.

Washington DC also passed their marijuana ballot initiative, which effectively decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana (less than two ounces) and legalized the home cultivation of up to six plants. The new, rational marijuana law in Washington DC passed with nearly 70% of the voters supporting the measure.

As for Florida, it seems that the proposed medical marijuana law, Amendment 2, only received about 57% of the popular vote, falling a mere 3% short of the necessary votes to become law. Supporters of the Florida law are hopeful that state lawmakers will revisit the issue and adopt a law quickly come spring, given the clear levels of support for medical marijuana in the state.

Thank you to all the activists who worked for the months and weeks leading up to the election and to every citizen who got out to do their civic duty today. Ladybud will be tracking election results and will have updates on Alaska and Oregon available early tomorrow, as results as available.

Congrats to the citizens of Guam and Washington DC, whose laws about cannabis will now be a little more reasonable!

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy under public domain via Wikimedia Commons