Get Your Votes In! Oregon Set to Become Third Free State in the Nation

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On November 4th, the citizens of the state of Oregon are set to vote on the proposed legalization of marijuana. If approved, Measure 91 would legalize marijuana for adults ages 21 and older, allowing them to possess eight ounces of marijuana and a maximum of four plants. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is tasked with regulating the sales of marijuana statewide.

Oregon’s junior Senator Jeff Merkley (D) was the politician first to endorse 91 who has entered the election. A survey found in The Oregonian from Oct. 26-27, reported that “44 percent backed the legalization measure while 46 percent were opposed. Another 7 percent were unsure and 2 percent would not say”. The opposition against 91 only threw around 200,000 thousand dollars into squashing the initiative, but big-backers like Billionaire George Soros made sure to drown out any of the opposition media-wise.

Measure 91 does not affect Oregon’s current medical marijuana program (OMA) which is still governed by the Oregon Health Authority. At this point, it could be anybody’s game. The youth vote is likely to seal the deal on Measure 91, but only time will tell.

Get those votes in and help make history!

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Photo Credit:LALeBan under (CC BY 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons