Real-World Gay Homecoming Queen Crowned…In Texas

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April Swartz-Larson was the first openly lesbian student to run for homecoming queen at McKinney High School in McKinney, Texas. She was also the first openly lesbian homecoming queen elected there. And no, it wasn’t a cruel practical joke.

April got to stand on the football a field with the rest of her school’s homecoming court, rocking a tux and an awesome attitude. Nominated by her close friend, Emilee Swim, April campaigned with rainbow color posters. Though one wouldn’t imagine that going over so well in Texas, the students at McKinney High School knew a winner when they saw one, and April was crowned queen on that field before the dance.

It may have happened on the first Friday in October, but better late than never, right? Congrats to April Swartz-Larson for her campaign and victory, and congrats to all the students at McKinney High School for being must more progressive than many adult organizations in their state!

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Photo Credit: April Swartz-Larson’s Twitter