Crow Medicine: Exploring Spirituality with Cannabis

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Birds represent the element of air and are all messengers from the Great Spirit (God). Each bird carries their own medicine or lessons to teach you that are relevant to your current life path. Regardless of spiritual beliefs, bird medicine will still come to you whether you believe in it or not. It is when you finally listen and understand it for what it is that true change comes about. This medicine is divine intervention to gently coax you back onto your true life path, to keep you on your true path, to let you know you are on the right path, or to change things within you to make you a better person. Perhaps you have already experience it and didn’t even recognize it. It can be as simple as a feather* that looked so fresh and beautiful lying on the sidewalk in front of you after you made the decision to go take a walk. Or it can be as simple as having a beautiful bird out of the ordinary take roost on your balcony at night.

If you have already missed or ignored bird medicine that came to you, fret not, because it is still there. Once you open up to it, it will come back to you so strong that it will be hard to ignore. Throughout your life, you will experience different spirit guides in the form of bird medicine that will come to you during specific times in your life. As you work to connect and open up to these guides, you will start to discover that one or more birds are actually totems, meaning they are with you for life. Whether this medicine is temporary, periodic, or for a life time, it is a gift from God and must be revered. This specific article I will be talking about Crow Medicine, as Crow has always been in my life since before my birth. Crow also works hand in hand with my other spirit totem, Wolf, so be aware that people with Crow Medicine also may carry Wolf Medicine as well. In the coming months, I will be writing more articles on specific birds that have come into my life so that I may teach you the lessons they carry so that it may help you on your own spiritual life journey.

Crow medicine is very powerful as these magnificent birds are the guardians of healing, ancient wisdom, ceremonial magic, the mysteries of creation and the keeper of all sacred law. Ravens and magpies, who are also in the crow family, carry the same medicine but with slightly different aspects. When Crow has chosen to come to you either as a spirit guide or totem, he will make his presence known in very special ways.

At first, you may notice Crow from afar as he flies over your car while driving or flies overhead as you are out on a walk. His presence will continue to build as he crosses more paths with you throughout the coming days, weeks, or even months. Then, you may begin to cross paths with him where he becomes more interactive with you. Beckoning to you with caws from a tree while watching you or taking up roost with his murder in your backyard trees. Soon, you will start finding his feathers* on your path no matter where in the world you may find yourself. Once the feathers* start appearing, it is time to listen if you haven’t already. Crow has chosen you, so please heed his call and listen as it is very relevant to your life. Crow has many lessons to teach you in his medicine and each one is a loving gift.

When Crow appears he is asking you to open up to the gift of clairvoyance as it is time for you to begin using this ability or to stop ignoring the fact that you have this gift. We all possess this wonderful skill but due to societal beliefs many repress this gift, ignore it, use it then stop using it, or are scared to tune into the spiritual world. Crow is letting you know it is okay and that it is truly a gift to be able to see into the spirit realm. If you listen to Crow, he will teach you how to interpret and develop this gift so that it may help your life and the loved ones around you. With developing or re-connecting with this sense, Crow calls you to change your current vibration to a higher one so that you may connect with higher spiritual energies. When Crow is around, you are surrounded by magic, and Crow can give you courage to explore this.

This medicine also calls to the power of living as your genuine self. When Crow emerges he is asking you to recognize that now is a time of change. You must let go of your old self and everything that is holding you back. You must face the traumas of your past and understand how these events have affected your current life path. Crow is a bringer of healing and will help to release illness or traumas. He will guide you through a change in consciousness that will facilitate a new every day reality.

You are being called to let go of the past, heal old wounds, and move forward onto your life path with a renewed perspective. You must be willing to be authentic, speak in truths, lay to rest any fears, allow your personal integrity to be your guide, accept your life path, release that which is impeding your path, and let go of old ways of thinking. Crow is also letting you know that you have a more powerful voice than you are aware of. Because of this, you must not be afraid to let your voice be heard and speak on issues that you feel passionate about. Allow yourself to become your future self.

Lastly, crows are messengers of the spirit world and can bring important communications from the other side. It could be as simple as a blessing, a warning, an omen, an important message that only makes sense to you, a personal revelation, a message from someone who has passed, or a message from God. When someone is about to die, it is known for Crows to land on your windowsill or come to the house repeatedly until the person dies. Crow is trying to warn you of the impending death, which allows for you to make amends with your loved one and make sure all are spoken before that person passes. The bird will also act the same way after someone has passed, because he is trying to bring a message over to you from the other side. Crow is letting you know that your loved one has reached the other side and that the deceased is sending their love to you.

This medicine carries many different aspects, and when Crow comes to you he may be teaching you all of it or just certain aspects of it. By knowing what medicine Crow spirit carries and what signs he is giving to you, you will be able to discern his lessons that are relevant to your life. Do not turn a blind eye to his call, instead welcome it with open arms and learn. You will be surprised once you let go and accept his gift just how fast your life will change.

Ways to connect or honor Crow include through meditation, contemplative nature walks, learning about his medicine, or through spiritual cannabis use. Cannabis is a plant that possesses higher vibrations, so when you consume it your body naturally attunes to this frequency. By partaking in cannabis, then consciously choosing an activity such as meditation or contemplative nature walks, your vibrations will attune to spirit guidance more easily. Cannabis is a gateway to higher spiritual vibrations and is a great tool to aid in spiritual development. But do not worry, you can still attune to the spiritual world without cannabis; it is just cannabis will make it easier for you. Crow is asking you to wake up and pay attention, listen to his caws.

*For health and safety reasons, if you find a feather on a walk be sure to wash the feather as soon as you get home. A very minuscule amount of antibacterial dish detergent and water will do the trick. Lather some bubbles in your hand and gently clean the feather. Run the feather under water to wash the soap away. Then gently pat the feather with a paper towel or cotton towel. Flap the feather in the air as if you were flying to release any excess water. Then lay the feather on part of the towel and fold the top over. Let this dry overnight. In the morning, flap the feather again to fluff it and you will have a beautiful clean feather :)

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Photo Credit: Jessica Catalano