Seized Marijuana Grow Lights Given to Soccer Team in UK

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It’s a truly British story: the local law enforcement agency in Greater Manchester gifted a massive commercial grow light seized from a cannabis cultivation operation to the local soccer team. The Rochdale AFC (Rochdale Association Football Club), which is located in Great Britain, is now using a grow light that would have probably gathered dust for decades in an evidence storage locker to re-grow a different kind of grass.

The move is no doubt inspired by a similar one last year, when the Notts County Football Club announced a similar scenario, wherein a seized grow light had been retrofitted with a special wheeled rig to help grow a green soccer field.

The Rochdale AFC estimates the donation of the light saved them £60,000, which is roughly $96,174 USD. The light in question is over two square meters in size and has reportedly been used every day since its donation to the club. It is being used to regrow grass in the most tread-open and torn-up areas of the field.

While this is of course a better use of resource-intensive equipment than simply destroying or storing it into perpetuity, it would likely have benefited locals more if it were legally used to grow a marijuana crop and not just make the soccer pitch a little greener. Instead of trying to put a positive spin on the socially destructive policy that is asset forfeiture, perhaps law enforcement should be working to end the organized theft of valuable equipment from skilled workers?

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Photo Credit: Cogsi under (CC BY 3.0) via Flickr