#UNACCEPTABLE : No Safe Access to Medical Marijuana Means Seizures for Sick Kids

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This past Tuesday, October 14th, 2014, activists gathered out from of the Public Health Department in Boston, Massachusetts to express their frustration with the state’s inaction regarding the voter-approved medical marijuana law.

Dozens of citizens with signs marched, chanted, and gave speeches demanding immediate action on the part of the state. Two years after medical marijuana was made legal in the state, there are still no retail dispensaries, only promises from officials that implementation will happen soon.

Among those present was Jill Osborn, a mother whose seven-year-old daughter is afflicted with a terrible seizure disorder. Watch the video of her very moving plea to the state to give her daughter access to a medication which could improve her quality of life and could even save it.

What is heartbreaking is that 63% of Massachusetts voters have already said they want Hailey to receive the treatment her mother wants to give her. The medical marijuana law in Massachusetts passed by a significant majority in 2012. Yet, Jill Osborn and parents like her have seen no actual progress. They are told to be patient while their children struggle, suffer needlessly, and sometimes even die.

Here’s hoping that the brave, powerful words of Jill and parents like her will help motivate those in positions of power to actually implement the will of the people in the state of MA.

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