FLORIDA: Medical Marijuana Conference in Fort Lauderdale This Weekend

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As the campaign for medical marijuana in Florida is heating up in these final weeks before election day, state activists are pulling out all the stops in hopes that they will have enough voter turnout to pass Amendment 2, which would make medical marijuana available to patients and create a legal, regulated state medical marijuana industry.

Robert Platshorn, National Cannabis Industry Association member, author and activist, has announced another professional medical marijuana conference for this weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Meet the Experts IV will be held at The Club at Emerald Hills on Sunday, October 12th, 2014. The event is marketed as both an education and a networking opportunity for those interested in the medical cannabis industry that may soon be established in the state.

Tickets for the event, which runs from 9am to 8pm, run $399 and were available for purchase at EventBrite at the time of this publication. Speakers will include attorneys, medical doctors, and those already working within the medical marijuana industry, including dispensary owners, cannabis product producers and a veteran cannabis cultivator.

Topics of discussion will include how cannabinoids affect the human body, cannabis cultivation, cannabis concentrate and medible production, the application process, and other information surely helpful to those interested in the industry (and networking with some of the attendees and speakers). A full list of speakers at the event can be found here.

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Photo Credit: Jakub Szypulka under (CC BY 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons