Infographic: Beer Versus Wine, Oktoberfest Edition

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Just because most of Ladybud’s readers and writers would rather unwind with a spliff at the end of a hard day doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate a good glass of wine or a well-crafted beer as well. Considering that it’s Oktoberfest, the traditional harvest celebration where the bounty of the earth is celebrated via the consumption of fermented fruits and grains.

If you want to know if beer has more carbohydrates than wine (of course it does) or what trace minerals are present in what amounts in either the average beer or the average glass of wine, then this infographic is a great way to kick off your Oktoberfest (while stuck staring at a computer screen and not in a giant tent).



View the original infographic at the Labdoor website here.  For previous Ladybud articles that discuss beer, click here.



Photo Credit: Usien under (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons