INFOGRAPHIC: How do Fast Food Salads Compare with Burgers?

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The kids are screaming. You were stuck at work late, and there’s still cleaning and homework waiting for you. So when one of the minors in the backseat starts chanting “french fries, french fries, french fries,” as you drive past the franchise deep-fried fast food eatery, you find yourself turning into their drive-through. Now you’re stuck with a choice: a greasy burger or an over-priced fast food salad.

Although most of us would immediately assume that the salad is healthier, fast food businesses need to make those salads compete with their burgers and fries, and the end result has turned out to be a lot of very calorie-heavy, fat-intensive salads that shame their burger counterparts. Check out the comparisons in the infographic below to see if  you’ve been ruining your diet by ordering the healthy option.


So there you have it, ladies: the burger is the slightly better option in some cases, depending on your gut bomb vendor of choice. Of course, skipping the drive through and opting for something a little fresher is probably the healthiest option, but now at least when you don’t have much choice, you can feel better about ordering what sounds good, since nothing on offer will actually be healthy. Happy Friday, folks!


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Photo Credit: waferboard under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr