Don’t Shoot: Foam Sword Protest to Protest Police Murders in Utah

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Supporters of two dead young people from Utah, Danielle Willard and Darrien Hunt (along with supporters of Matthew Stewart, who was killed by a raid in his own home are organizing two protests in Utah to bring attention to these needless police murders.

The protests are sponsored by Utah Ghost-Crew.  , they state on the event page on Facebook:

THIS IS A NON VIOLENT PROTEST!! please (sic) share this event to those you wish to protect from this ever growing problem. I hope you agree to be apart of the movement of limiting police brutality!!

We will be holding the DON’T SHOOT protest at two locations, next week on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. Click here for a direct link to the event, updates and details.

One at the Saratoga Springs Police department (1307 N Commerce Dr, #120, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045) and the other at the West Valley City Police station (3575 S Market St, West Valley City, UT 84119).

We NEED to come in force to help push our message of not putting up with these great injustices.

Utah Ghost Cr3w (others to be announced) will be putting on a benefit show afterwards for the memorial funds (place and time To Be Announced Soon).

We hope to see many faces there!

This is a small act, but those who do nothing are apart of the problem!


Other Utah advocate groups including Utah CARE , the Utah Cannabis Coalition , the International Women’s Cannabis Coalition (both Salt Lake City and Utah Chapters) and Utah Mommies for Cannabis are endorsing this protest and working to bring attention to unnecessary use of force of deadly force and violence in law enforcement activities.

Each group encourages only a peaceful gathering – foam swords will be available. Be careful, be respectful and BE HEARD!

This writer will be unable to attend the actual event but encourages and welcomes any accounts, stories, pictures or other media from those who can attend- which may be published here, within Ladybud Magazine – or other places online.

You can visit the Darrien Hunt memorial page on Facebook, or follow the Justice for Darrien Nathaniel Hunt page. You can also sign the petition on asking the Utah State government to investigate and intervene.


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