Cannabis Consumers Union Changes Name to Cannabis Consumers Coalition

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It has only been two months since the Cannabis Consumers Coalition’s official launch and the organization has reached national attention. In July, the Cannabis Consumers Coalition announced its official launch with a press release, and within one week received a cease and desist letter from Consumer Reports, who has trademarked the name “Consumers Union.” Not wanting to battle the world’s largest and most well-funded consumer advocacy group, and wanting to keep on good terms since the Cannabis Consumers Union is also a consumer advocacy group, the name was changed and rebranding was successful with many people liking the new name.

Regarding the changes to the name, Executive Director Larisa Bolivar states, “One of the names I had originally thought of was the Cannabis Consumers Coalition. I like the word coalition, and more sentimentally, my first medical marijuana business was a dispensary called the Colorado Compassion Club, which people shortened to the CCC. In fact, it was the first dispensary in Denver before 2009. People are already calling the coalition the CCC, making it as though things have come full circle.”

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition also continues to grow its Board of Directors, adding Daniel De Sailles and Chastity Osborn. Daniel De Sailles, who own Top Shelf Extracts and is the mastermind behind the Secret Cup, is a world renowned hash maker and considered an expert on cannabis flower and extract quality. He will be providing expert advice related to hash and cannabis flower quality. Chastity Osborn is a graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Arts Associates of Occupation Studies program in massage therapy and is also a certified reflexologist, an oncology therapist, a lymphatic drainage practitioner, a trauma touch therapist, and certified in applied kinesiology, and double Reiki Master. She runs a successful practice in Lakewood and will be providing expert advice and leadership over the CCC’s holistic health related programs, including advising the organization’s PTSD Awareness program.

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition is still reviewing applicants for the board, however, Ms. Bolivar believes that the current team will provide the leadership the CCC needs in its early development. About the new and current board members she says,

I am really happy about how the board of directors is developing. They all represent critical parts of the marijuana community that impact cannabis consumers directly, and their views and experience also align with the vision and goals of the organization. Other members include Belita Nelson, who has over a decade of experience running non-profits, William Fodge who owns WTJ MMJ Supply in Colorado Springs and has an extensive business background, and Matthew Fox, who has over a decade of experience in software development and working with non-profits. Together they bring different experiences that are all critical to leading the organization and keeping integrity with its mission.

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition is a member based cannabis consumer advocacy group. The CCC was founded after it was noticed by members of the cannabis community that representation for cannabis at the legislative level was predominantly done on behalf of industry players and not individuals. Unlike organizations that were founded to fight for legalization, the Cannabis Consumers Coalition was founded by consumers with no ties to industry and focuses exclusively on consumer rights. This way, it assures that there is no special interest and that people can be confident that all ratings and reviews are objective, fair, and accurate. For more information, please visit, or contact Larisa Bolivar at 703-244-4857.

The preceding text was a press release from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition. Membership is $5 per month or $45 per 12-month period. You can visit their website here or follow them on Facebook here.