The Ode of the Newbie Activist, Part One

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Did you see what I just did?!? Wow. I’m awesome. Nothing is ever going to be the same going forward. The whole universe has changed…and for the better too! Heh…They ought to make a movie about me.

You would have thought that I would’ve been afraid. But I did it. I just had the resolve. I wasn’t going to let it haunt me anymore. I knew I was right, and I just did it. Had I told you before I did it, you all would have said I was crazy and tried to stop me. So I didn’t tell you. I took charge. Maybe for the first time in my life. Maybe…maybe I set an example…for the children.

Oh, don’t think that it was all that easy, ‘cause it wasn’t. There was that moment of pause. It was right before I [hit send; stepped up to the microphone; marched through torrential rain; padlocked myself to a tree; kept my kid home from school; discussed politics at Thanksgiving; stood outside with a sign; dialed my mother; sat at the lunch counter; stepped in front of a man with a gun and stuck a flower in the barrel] when everything became so clear to me. For a split second, I thought about it. And I looked back at everything that had ever happened in my life and how it all got me to there, to then, to that moment of singularity…and there was absolute clarity. When I looked to the future, I definitively saw every possibility spreading off in a cone of Jacob’s ladders into infinity. At that moment, there was only the choice of how to move the entire universe Forward…and it was mine. I got to choose. Me!

And then, I don’t know… I just kinda did it, selflessly. I just sorta let go of all Fear and I [sent it; spoke my mind; showed up when they least expected it; stopped the destruction; did the right thing while putting some skin in the game; ended the mindless hate; drew important attention; opened up about who I really am; demanded equality; showed that Love is more Powerful than Fear] and that’s the way it was and there was no possible way to undo it. I unwittingly gave people pause and made them think and changed their minds and thereby their entire future courses of action. It was like the entire past was clipped off at the singularity and I was Free of all that weight that was holding me back.


I actually feel kind of good right now. Does it stay this way?

Can I make any money doing this?


Photo Credit: Eric Roplh under (CC BY-SA 2.5) via Wikimedia Commons