REVIEW: Futurola Rolling Papers, Cones & RYOs

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It is no secret that Ladydbud Magazine readers LOVE Futurola rolling papers, cones and Roll Your Own contraptions. It is also no secret that Ladybud Publisher Diane Fornbacher is all thumbs and cannot roll a joint to save her life. However, she can smoke a joint to save her life if it’s a reasonable size! Thanks to Futurola, that’s now possible (with friends)!

Debby Goldsberry puffin’ tough on a Pre-Rolled Futurola Cone. Photo Credit: Diane Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine

FuturolaUSA was begotten from Futurola Amsterdam and is the undisputed favorite of cannabis queens, industry insiders and cultural icons like Debby Goldsberry and Amber Senter. Incidentally, both ladies have also been featured in our Lady Business sections for kicking so much ass in all the aforementioned arenas of cannabis culture.

LB Publisher Diane Fornbacher watched in amazement at the HIGH TIMES Magazine San Francisco Cannabis Cup this past June while Goldsberry and Senter crowdfunded cannabis to stuff into one of the gigantic Pre-Rolled Cones from Futurola mixed with Goldsberry’s mega stash of heady Indica strains she was judging. That was a serious crowdshare experience and was almost too big for 20 people to finish! Almost.

Diane Fornbacher & Amber Senter / Photo Credit: Jeff Levers

Cannabis activism pioneers like Dennis Person, Mickey Martin, Dr. Dina, Wayne Justman, Jason Beck were all in the circle at the Magnolia Wellness VIP spot when the Futurola Pre-Roll King Sized Cone was being passed around. It was a beautiful day for a mondo doober, indeed.

Futurola also offers a slew of other great products for the individual toker as well as other sizes of pre-rolls to share with friends and family for a safe, happy time. Check out their other products here: FUTUROLA