Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Growing, Business Applications Being Accepted

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More than 2,000 people signed up for the Illinois state medical cannabis program in its first week of existence. The Illinois medical marijuana program just began accepting initial applications from state residents with last names that fall between letters A and L via their website on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014.

The first applicant was Jim Champion, an army veteran with multiple sclerosis. Champion was one of the Illinois citizens who lobbied for the passage of the bill. He gave an interview talking about how his wife at one point had to buy his cannabis on the black market, which was terrifying for both of them. Now, he’s looking forward to buying cannabis at a legal, regulated dispensary when their doors open next year.

Yesterday, in fact, marked the day when applications began being accepted in Illinois for marijuana businesses, such as dispensaries. Unlike the patient registry, there has reportedly been underwhelming response from businesses. As of noon yesterday, the state had not received any business applications, but this may be due to a lack of information. As new circulates that the dispensary application process has begun, surely entrepreneurs will begin lining up to participate in the state sanctioned program.

Ladybud will continue monitoring the rollout of the Illinois medical cannabis program and similar medical marijuana programs across the country. For previous Ladybud coverage of Illinois’ medical marijuana law and progress, click here.


Photo Credit: fotobias under public domain via Pixabay