Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer Calls for Federal Investigation into Misuse of Public Funds To Oppose A Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer is shining a spotlight on questionable, possibly illegal, practices being used by supporters of ongoing marijuana prohibition. He has sent a letter to the White House Drug Czar asking for an investigation into these tactics in the case of some lectures in Oregon, clearly intended to be anti-legalization and anti-cannabis, despite being advertised as “marijuana conferences.”

Specifically, in this case, Congressman Earl Blumenauer is attacking the use of federal funds to pay for and advertise events featuring Kevin Sabet, an anti-cannabis legalization speaker. To Blumenauer, this is a serious concern, because these speeches are slated to take place very shortly before Orgeon’s election this fall, which will include an initiative to legalize adult use of cannabis in the state.

Prohibitionists are calling  Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s letter “thuggery,”  though one can imagine they’d be raising a stink if federal funds were being used to advertise a pro-cannabis speaker’s events in the state prior to the election. They ignore, of course, his accurate claims that people involved with the lecture series are also intimitely involved with the No on 91 campaign, which is trying to defeat the Oregon marijuana legalization ballot initiative. Blumenauer’s claims (including concerns about inflammatory and inaccurate blanket statements being made by prohibitions, such as “it’s harmful to youth” and “it’s addictive”)  are all backed up with documentation. The original letter and attachments can be viewed here.

Prohibitionists in Oregon may not like it, but they are required to play by the same rules as everyone else, especially when it comes to financing and funding a political campaign. Ladybud will continue to monitor the Oregon legalization process as more unfolds over the upcoming months.


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Photo Credit: By Steve Morgan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons