Help Fund a Community Center for Colorado Cannabis Refugees

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Since Colorado legalized cannabis for adult recreational use, there has been a constant stream of cannabis refugees into the state. Many families have packed up and moved far from everything they have known in hopes of obtaining medicine for a member of their family. Especially when the sick family member is a child, there can be a very difficult transition ahead for the family.

Many refugee families do not have temporary housing, do not have local support networks, and do not have help in establishing themselves within the medical cannabis community with safe access to affordable, quality medication because of their transitional status. The total dearth of available support programs has left many folks living in vehicles, motels, and similar situations.

The Cannabis Patients Network Institute is hoping to fill that void by opening Community Centers, with the first one slated to open its doors in Colorado Springs this fall. The Community Centers will operate in residential 4-bedroom home, which will be leased with a purchase option. The CPNI estimates it will take $6,000 to open the center, with roughly $4,000 of recurring monthly expenses.

They hope to be able to offer short-term housing for families with sick children and for independent adults capable of self-care.    You can visit the website for the Cannabis Patients Network Institute  here or follow them on Facebook. If you can, please consider donating toward their funding goal of $6,000 by visiting their GoFundMe page. They currently have over a dozen families with critically ill members on a waiting list.