National CBD-Only Law Proposed: Is Charlotte’s Web Choking out Legalization?

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Republican Scott Perry from Pennsylvania introduced a bill into the United States House of Representatives at the end of July that could, if passed, legalize certain low-THC strains of cannabis. That’s right folks, in case you hadn’t heard yet, there’s now a federal CBD-only law in the works. It’s called the  Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014.

Hailing from York county, the politician Perry is known as a conservative and is apparently only interested in helping a tiny portion of the people who could be saved by cannabis. Perry held a press conference in July where he was joined by the Epilepsy Foundation and the mother of Charlotte Figi, the little girl with seizures featured heavily in Sanjay Gupta’s Weed. Not surprisingly, Joel Stanley, another name in the spotlight following Gupta’s documentaries, was also present at the event.

The Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 is named for the Stanley’s now-famous high CBD low THC strain, but would apply to any strain of cannabis that had less than 0.3% THC.   While this act is absolutely a step in the right direction, it leaves thousands of patients out in the cold without safe, legal access to medical cannabis. It also ignores science that seems to indicate that whole plant medicine is optimal. Most patients end up balancing cannabidiol  and THC on their own, depending on their personal needs and symptoms; this law removes that level of personalization from the patient’s control. The law also ignores the dozens of cannabinoids that act in conjunction with THC and CBD, which differ vastly from strain to strain.

For his part, Perry was quick to point out that he does not support legalization of recreational cannabis that his bill does not allow for smoking cannabis. Still, many parents who were watching the clock in horror as their states stalled medical cannabis bills are hoping that this act, once out of committee, could present the fastest reasonable hope their children have of accessing life-saving, seizure-ending cannabidiol legally. And for them, the baby step will surely be good enough (for now).

Do you think a Federal act should be named after a brand/strain not available to the public? Do you think a Federal CBD-only law will help cannabis legalization or sap the movement’s momentum?

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Photo Credit: mate2code under (CC BY 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons