Sante Fe City Council Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession!

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Last night, the Santa Fe City Council voted to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis within the city. The local ordinance passed in a very close 5-4 vote. Although there’s been no official statement as to when the ordinance will go into effect, it will make the possession of an ounce or less of cannabis a ticketed offense. The fine associated with a citation would be no more than $25.

Surprisingly, those who were opposing the ordinance, including the Mayor of Santa Fe, weren’t against the concept of decriminalization. Instead, they were firmly of the opinion that the citizens of Santa Fe should have been allowed to vote at the general election about the proposed decriminalization measure. The Council’s vote came on the heels of the Santa Fe County Commission signing off on the decriminalization ballot measure on Tuesday of this week.

If the Council had not passed it, the ordinance would have gone on to a vote at the general election. As it now stands, citizens of Santa Fe will soon be a little more free from unnecessary fear of prosecution. Ladybud will continue following this story and will update readers when official dates for enactment of the decriminalization law in Santa Fe are released.   For previous New Mexico stories on Ladybud, click here.

Photo Credit: State of New Mexico Archives under public domain via Wikimedia Commons